Late Winter Lovelies

16 Aug 2008







9 Responses to “Late Winter Lovelies”

  1. So lovely...and yet so strange to think of blooming while we sit here in the heat. But I love the contrast, and the reminder of the joys of other seasons to come. I get so melancholy at the end of summer, that it is nice to think of the beauties ahead!

    Did finally get my Day in teh Lief post up. Really enjoy going around and seeing everyones day.

  2. How beautiful!

    I love seeing how your seasons are mirror images of ours.

    Where I live, the corn is growing tall and ready for harvest, the flowers on my deck or looking tired (a rainy summer was not good for them), and am looking forward to the arrival of cooler temps and fresh apple cider. :)

  3. Oh, I just LOVE daffodils! My very favorite flower. (As you can tell from the name of my blog!)

    Thank you for sharing their beauty!

  4. Happy Bithday for the 14th..:)
    My birthday was on the 12th...

  5. Hi Jenny, I popped in to see your blog and what a cheerful sight to see those lovely bright colourd daffodils .Where I live in Cheshire,UK. we woke up to lots of rain & my J Russell Bonnie is looking very sorry for herself she dosen't like getting wet.Julie

  6. How beautiful, Jenny. You really are a talented photographer.

  7. Hi Jenny :) Oh, they are so lovely! Hope your week is, too. Love, Q

  8. It keeps amazing me how different things are on this earth. For us, daffodils are among the first flowers to bloom when it's spring. For you, they are late winter flowers. :-)

    Christine from the NL


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