25 Aug 2008


It was a busy weekend, not with lots of racing around but every moment seemed to be filled with family and life.

The garden was the scene of most of the action on Sunday. After spending much of Saturday away from home, the sunshine and ever growing weed population meant there was plenty to do outdoors.

We had lunch outside for the first time since the Autumn. Just a simple meal of pasta tossed with garlic and butter and generously peppered.

The chookhouse was given a clean out and new straw spread all over the floor. Such luxury - instant approval from Charlie and the chooks.

The vegie garden has been weeded and dug over and is just begging for some seeds and seedlings but there are more frosts to come so we will do some undercover planting instead.

The roses have all been planted outside Kate's bedroom window, seven in all; pinks, reds, yellows and white.

Stephen and Louis did some more pruning and thinning of the pussywillow tree and then the limbs and branches were trimmed to suitable fire lengths and stacked under the treehouse to dry out for next year's fires. We seem to have a never ending supply of kindling and smaller logs for the fire. It's good manual labour and done with a certain rhythm and brings order and usefulness.

Andy had to spend most of the day doing study, catching up on work missed when he was sick . We managed to drag him outside for lunch but that was it.

Washing was done and successfully dried, a few perennials were moved to new homes and there was time for a walk down the street for milk.


Today the house is quiet.
I have a few more jobs to get done; go to the butcher, hang out the last load of washing,wash and de-flea the dog and then I'll get the front fire going ready for Kate and Andy, home from school.

It always seems that I have more than enough to do.
I'm grateful for a happy home to work in and the privilege of being here to help make this house a home. I hope you too can find a peace in caring for your home.
Whether you are alone or share a house with many, the love that goes into making your home a haven for those you love is always rewarded.


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  1. We were ambitious and tried to plant nine roses on the weekend. I think six are in the ground.

  2. What a beautiful post, Jenny. I'm always refreshed after visiting your blog.

  3. Good evening Jenny
    Our Sunday was also spent outside. While you were planting roses, I was digging up 2 carpet roses near our driveway that had become too big. It was lovely to enjoy the fresh air and to feel Spring in the air.

  4. You make me look at homemaking in a whole new way. I find myself enjoying tasks that before seemed tedious. Now I do them lovingly and it makes life much nicer.



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