Betwixt and between

6 Aug 2008


I awoke this morning to a dull , foggy , overcast day. The kind of day that doesn't seem to hold much promise.

I clicked on my google reader and there was a post from Jewels.
Dear Jewels, it's so lovely to have you back in the blogosphere and even more lovely to see your wonderful pictures and read your heartfelt thoughts.


Slowly the first hints of spring are coming to the garden though I'm sure we have plenty of cold weather ahead of us.
The first blossom is the flowering almond that hangs over the fence from our neighbours garden.
Its blossoms are delicate and white and are already being visited by the busy bees.


The wattle is in flower too.
I'm not a big fan of wattle blossom, it makes me sneeze like no other flower does.
But I do admire the fuzzy prettiness of the blooms and the way it shouts YELLOW at any one who catches sight of it.

I am feeling a bit betwixt and between after the busyness of last week.
I need to just settle to one of the bazillion jobs I have waiting for me.

I need to make some stock for minestrone.
I need to put the folded washing away and there is some mending waiting for me.

Better get going before the day disappears .


10 Responses to “Betwixt and between”

  1. Hi Jenny,
    We have similar things in bloom at the moment, thankfully wattle dosn't make me sneeze as I have it the house. Your dolls are so cute and adorable. I really enjoy reading your Blog.

  2. Oh Jenny, I have days like that. Lots to do but what to do is really the question. I, too, am glad to have Jewels back. Thanks for the heads up.
    Have a good day. Jan

  3. It has been nice to see your photos as previously I could not access Flickr: my security on our internet was very high.... Interesting as the posts I had read therefore had formed images in my mind.

  4. Amazing. One of the first blogs I read over a year ago was Eyes of Wonder. When I clicked on "Jewels" you can imagine my surprise to see it again, linked with one of my more recent favourite blogs. The world is a small place.

  5. Good evening Jenny
    Last weekend while I was pruning the roses (a little late I know)I noticed that Spring was saying a shy hello.

  6. Hi Jen,such pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing. So glad to see Jewels is blogging once again....
    I enjoy visiting her so much.


  7. I, too, was overjoyed to see Jewels back! I missed her blog so much.

  8. Hi Jenny,

    Thankyou for the news about Jewels, I found your blog through her a long time ago and then you have been kind enough to pass on that she is back.

    I feel like your day yesturday a little grey so thank you for cheering me up with your inspiration. I really love your photos of your flowers and your garden. We are having some very wet days over here, but I keep telling myself how much good it is doing the crops and the gardens.

    Thank you and I hope you have a good day.
    Shelley p
    from over the pond

  9. I've always loved the almond tree blossom- just reminds me of that wonderful picture by Van Gogh, which I got to see in person and was mesmerized!


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