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26 Aug 2008


How beautiful are eggs


and other small things.



My small purple heart,
my birthday gift from Kate,
arrived today from the Funky Felter.

Luckily I had just the right chain to put it on.

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  1. Your craft table looks lovely, but do tell are you a really neat crafter or did you arrange it for the picture?

    cheers Kate

  2. Kate, I think my table looks messy. No I didn't arrange it for the photo, I had just finished doing the tiny dolls in the seed pods and thought all the colours looked nice.

  3. I love the photos - I think eggs are very photogenic...

  4. I loved your pictures today...the doll-making is the little *pod-babies* ?!!?
    Very good taste in birthday gifts, your little girl has!!

  5. Hi Jen,thanks for sharing your sweet little small things. Such a pleasure to see. Love your little purple heart! A perfect little gift to treasure.

    Blessings, Shelley

  6. I love those little dolls how adorable they are. And I love egges too. I miss my chickens in a big way maybe next year I can have a good hen house built.

  7. I really like your Tasha Shawl...the chooks too.



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