Happy Birthday Mum

20 Aug 2008

Yesterday was my mum's birthday.
She has been celebrating for days with my brother coming up from Hobart to take her out for lunch on Sunday, morning tea yesterday with some old work friends,visits through the afternoon from various friends and phone calls, tea last night with us and today she is being taken out for lunch again by her sister and a friend.

My mother loves our homemade pizzas.
My boys can eat a grocery store full of food each.

So I made four large, and might I say, delicious pizzas to take over to mum's to enjoy in her cosy warm home where I spent my happy childhood.
My parents built their home the year before I was born. I think it actually took two years to build with my dad helping the builders after he finished his day at work.
There was no throwing a house up in just a few months back then.
Before that they rented what is now a National Trust listed home but then was an inner city terrace house . Mum and Dad and my brother had the upstairs part of the house and my auntie, her husband and their two children had the ground floor.
My Auntie ended up building a house beside my parents' new home and so the sisters have lived side by side ever since.

My mum comes from a large family of eight children, four boys and four girls. My mum is the youngest girl and second youngest child. Six of the eight children are still around , the oldest is 91 and the youngest 74, two of her brothers have passed away.

After dinner Stephen , Andy and I had to drive out to school to an information night to help Andy with his course choices for his final two years at school before he is off to University. He is very excited about the whole thing and I think it helps him that his older brother has already negotiated these foreign waters and made it safely through.
So much easier some times to be the middle child, my own family position.
It was a cold night but lots of parents had left their warm homes to help their children in their decisions.

Back to mums to collect Louis and Kate and sample a few chocolates and complain about the Olympics ( we are having trouble ever seeing the events we want to see - you would think they could organise the whole event around my family wouldn't you)


This is Mum .
It was taken a few weeks ago at a family gathering.
She really doesn't like having her photo taken and this is actually part of a group photo with my Dad as well and seven of their eight grandchildren. The eighth grandchild doesn't like having his photo taken either so he was hiding.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mum”

  1. What an enjoyable story Jenny. I love how your mum and her sister live side by side, but why did I feel like; Oh that would never happen now, we all want to get so far away from each other. My sister has recently moved back to my town and we see each other almost daily, I love it. We weren't always close as she is 13 years older than me, but since I've had children and especially since mum died we have become much closer.
    Doesn't every group have someone who doesn't want to be in the photo? And I'm right there with you about the Olympics, I think they have been most inconsiderate with the timing of events.

    cheers Kate

  2. It sounds like your Mum was beautifully spoiled. We love homemade pizza best as well. It think because we make it just the way we like it ~ with only the ingredients we love and none of the things we don't!

    I've managed to see swimming & gymnastics on the Olympics some evenings. Otherwise I've not been too attached. It's not the top of my priority list of things to do in a day!

  3. Good evening Jenny
    Aren't Mums special! Sounds like your Mum had a lovely birthday with family & friends.
    My Mum is a quiet woman, but when I reflect back on the many times family or friends have needed a helping hand, my Mum has always been there to help people thru the hard & upsetting times.
    And my MIL is a gem. Always welcoming & loving. Tonight she is in our thoughts as tomorrow she faces an operation, we wish her well.


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