Glorious winter

4 Aug 2008


We are having the very very best winter weather.
Beautiful, beautiful sunny days after cold crisp nights.

The garden calls, everything is so green after the long dusty dry summer and autumn.
It's a time for weeding and re organising and chopping up the tree prunings to make the kindling for next winter.


The big news in the garden today is that Charlie the duck is most definitely Charlotte and not Charles.

Six eggs, covered in mud after having been rolled all round the chook yard but still fresh and very definitely duck eggs with their slightly bluish tinge and rock hard shells.

(And no, we do not have any poultry that lays golf balls, it's just a convenient place to keep them.)

Kate and Charlie

When we had ducks some years ago I had some trouble using the eggs in my cooking because the eggs were large and I felt I had to weigh them to convert recipes from hen eggs to duck eggs.
But dear little Charlotte is a bantam duck and her eggs are just the same size as the chooks' eggs, so convenient.


The boys and Kate spent Sunday morning at the bottom of the garden, mowing and scything grass and chopping the tree prunings.
Glorious weather.


My borage has now been called a winter flowering borage as this is the third year it has grown up after self seeding and become a huge, abundant borage plant in the middle of winter.
As soon as the weather gets really warm, around Christmas it turns up its toes, sets seed and then dies
Its gorgeous blue stars bring an extra sunny spot to my winter garden.

8 Responses to “Glorious winter”

  1. I haven't grown borage for years but I truly love its rich blue color. I'll have to put that back on my list.
    I am glad your winter is going so well.

  2. Oh, Congratulations on such a wonderful little egg-layer...Charlotte is precious! Funny how you just never know until...

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful life...winter sure looks different here...

  3. I do enjoy reading about your days....Nice that it is in Australia too.

  4. Your little duck is so dear- and I did have to take a second look at the "eggs" in your basket!
    A beautiful post for today, Jenny!

  5. Did I mention how I love this cute little duck? There's something so charming about ducks and ducklings. I'd love to have one!

  6. Do duck eggs taste different? I've never eaten a duck egg.

  7. We have a duck who is a wonderful layer. I just plonk her egss in the cake and if I have too many eggs I plonk one more than the recipe calls for and it the mixture is too sloppy I just add a little more flour. Baking cakes is an excellent way of preserving eggs. This is why in many older recipes you will often find cakes that require 5 or more eggs.

    Warmly, Mrs M.


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