31 Aug 2008


The back garden, early this morning just after sunrise, through the rain.


The view from the back door.
A rainy Sunday coming up, plenty to do indoors and the garden needs the rain.

I feel, as the winter ends, a need to look over my life as I live it each day and see what needs spring cleaning: am I living the life I imagined or have I slipped into some side path.
Time for some reflection and thought.
Time to shake off some of the cosiness of the winter snuggle, stretch my limbs, ask for guidance and move into the promise of the new season.

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  1. Similiar thoughts going on here too. It has rained heaps, though we didn't see it we just got home.

  2. Ah Jenny...it's hard for me not be jealous of you as you step into Spring. Autumn is creeping in here, with the nights drawing in and the leaves slowly turning. I enjoy the beauty and cosiness of the colder seasons, but the darkness...that's another matter.

    Enjoy this time of renewal and freshness.

    love, Tina :)

  3. I love how you have expressed it ... "the promise of a new season". I love winter, and am sad it is over, but I also love spring before it gets too hot. After reading your post I feel like I have a second chance, a clean slate, a January 1 feeling!

  4. Very thought provoking. lovely photos. Looking forward to spring.


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