13 Jul 2008


I'm having the best weekend.

Sooooo relaxed.

Noticed this strange sight when I came home last night.
The last of the pumpkins, way too cute to eat unless we are desperate. The last of the summer's sunshine glowing at the front door and settled beside them the pot of Spring that mum gave me for my birthday last year,the pollys already in flower and the bulbs up and looking full of promise, the pot moved up onto the step last week so it could enjoy the little sunshine that we had.

Yesterday I met up with a bloggy friend from Melbourne.
We had never met before but we settled in for a good long chat and the hours slipped away.
So much in common and so much to find out. A lovely lovely afternoon that ended as the sun was setting.
Out of the coffee shop and into the cold.
Goodbye kisses and off we went, me to my bus , accompanied by Kate, and Kathy off to her hotel.
Beautiful gift of homemade chocolate brownies packaged in the sweetest tin decorated with quinces so enjoyed later for dessert.

This afternoon,another delicious afternoon tea at Mums to welcome my brother and his wife home from Italy.
My contribution: Girlie bread.
The morning spent by the fire reading the weekend papers, drinking coffee, and knitting.
A short time in the garden tending the chooks, one dear little black hen has started laying again so she needs a special treat, warm porridge.

Don't forget tomorrow is the 14th, if you want to join in chronicling your day you are most welcome to join us.
Just leave a comment and add you to the list for tomorrow.


7 Responses to “winter.”

  1. Count me in- this time I'll be ready!
    Glad you've had such a delightful couple of days.

  2. I'm planning to join in, Jenny :o)

  3. Sounds like a lovely day Jenny. When are you going to write a book? You have a natural talent for writing (as I've said many times before!) Visiting here is so soothing.

    Love, Tina :)

  4. I'll be doing the day in the life post. Thanks, jenny! My blog is:

  5. 14th today her in NZ - I'll blog my day again.

    Love Leanne


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