Mirror, mirror

31 Jul 2008


It all started with Kate wanting a mirror for her birthday.
Unfortunately she told my mother as well who duly bought her a large mirror to sit on her chest of drawers.
So with Kate's birthday tomorrow there was the possibility that she would have two mirrors,and this is in a bedroom the size of a shoebox.

So I decided that I would keep one in my bedroom and she can have the one from mum.
This led to a complete re-organisation of my side of the bedroom.
This uncovered mildew on the walls ( you can see it behind the mirror) .
It also made it necessary to move the easy chair out of the room - don't ask.


The easy chair moved into the playroom/music room/studio.
This meant some re-organisation in there and led to - wait for it - a re-organistaion of my sewing cupboard.
I'll save you from the horror of that but the re-organisation of the sewing cupboard led to a shuffle around of things in the hall cupboard.


Excuse the blurry picture but this cute little bird atop the mirror


and Shackleton have watched the entire sorry process with utter bemusement.
At this point almost everything is finished except the hall cupboard so I'm hiding for a short while before I tackle that.

The thing is I am supposed to be baking the birthday treats right now. It's going to be a long night tonight.

14 Responses to “Mirror, mirror”

  1. Oh dear Jenny.

    I know that feeling, the snowball effect of Moving Stuff. Yikes!

    I have just come home from the hardware store where I bought some damp removers for my bedroom to help combat the constant damp in the room, especially as my dear husband - bless his heart- spilt half a bucket of dirty water on the carpet 4 days ago as he was washing the window sills clear of mould. Sigh. Its the dampest and most southern bedroom in the house.

    I hate mould.

    I love your birdy mirror though!

  2. I know this! As does my partner who looks terrified everytime I want to fit a found piece of furniture in somewhere. He knows what that entails!

  3. Haha, yes I've been there! In fact, I'm planning another project just like this. Still working on it in my head, though.

    Christine from the NL

  4. Our new house has mildew in some rooms because it is not heated often and also a little damp is coming up through some floor things we haven't finished, and we were going to insulate this weekend but have to wait two weeks.

    I have a red room there, and got a Freedom furniture catalogue today with a red doona. I have green in the room atm like yours, so was happy to see your green.

  5. I re-organized my bedroom last weekend. I can't tell you how nice it was to get into bed that night.

  6. Sounds a bit like the If you give a pig a pancake book:

    If you give Little JEnny Wren a mirror, she will want to reorganize her side of the bedroom.

    When she reorganizes her side of teh bedroom, she will want to move the easy chair to the playroom.

    With the easy chair in the playroom, she will want to tidy the playroom to go with it.

    When she tidies the playroom, she will want to organize the sewing cupboard as well...

    I have a silly sense of humor.

    We get mildew on the wood furniture in our room...summer humidity. What will you do about the walls? I scrub the furniture, but not sure if there is something better I can do. It is not painted furniture, so I cannot just repaint with mildicide paint.

  7. Hi Jen, I love the sweet mirror with the little bird a top. I spent my day yesterday dusting and moving things. It feels so good afterwards to know things are clean again. Happy Birthday to your dear Kate.

    Blessings, Shelley

  8. Good evening Jenny
    Why is it that one little change leads onto many rearrangements?
    Best wishes to Kate for a lovely day on her birthday.

  9. Hi Jenny :) Ooh! I've been there, too!

    LOL Willow - we love those books!

    Blessings, Q

  10. Hello Jenny!
    I am SO very late in getting this posted to you. If you don't want to include me, I understand completely! My days have been so full with the garden and the county fair that I hadn't a spare moment to upload my pictures. They are done now and posted as they should have been on the 14th! I will be on time next time. :-)
    Here is "A Day in My Life."



  11. I love the mirror, the bird on top is perfect!

  12. Isn't that the way it always is. You change one thing and then you have to change everything else. But that's life. What would we do with ourselves if everything was easy. We'd be boring people !
    I always enjoy reading you posts. I usually check it two or three times a day just to see if you have added anything new. Keep on posting. I love it.


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