30 Jul 2008


Late afternoon cooking session to refill the biscuit jars depleted by hungry teenagers.

Helped as usual by my very favourite kitchen utensil - my silicon spatula.
I have four of them, they sit next to the stove and are in constant use - I love them.


Quiet in the kitchen with only Phoebe to keep me company.


Anzacs, chocbit biscuits and soda crackers followed by the preparation of the vegetable bake to go with last night's left over stew.
I had the chicken soup for lunch.


Reward : a cup of coffee and a biscuit or two on the couch with a magazine or two before everyone arrives home.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon! I love the throw pillow on your sofa, simply beautiful!

  2. Phoebe looks gorgeous on the crochet afghan. These images keep me coming back to visit your life and appreciating mine, thanks!

  3. I love to cook, and my cats often keep me company in the process. In reference to your last post, the only thing I seem to be "gathering" at the moment is more cats LOL. One from work and another from a construction site shingle pile. I think silicone spatulas would be a much more useful collection:)

  4. Your house looks cosy and inviting!

  5. Phoebe is lovely!

    I laughed about andylynne's words on gathering cats. We have 6 right now.

  6. I was trying to remember who had said they loved their spatula, it was you. The reason being that my mixing bowl was 'licked' clean by it when emptying batters of late....


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