10 Jul 2008


In the flurry of everyone getting ready for their day this morning, books gathered up, lunch boxes presented for their filling of sandwiches and cake, drying washing shifted to make the kitchen feel more like a place to eat than a strange other world of steam and drips and half wet half dry socks, shirts, underwear I thought about this family of ours and how it all started.

That two people can find one another from all the people that wander the world , they find one another and the spark springs to life.
They want to be together, to find out everything they can about each other, the company of one other seems so much more than enough , this person holds so much that you must know.

The years pass, the children arrive, the home is made and lives move and change and grow.
The dailiness becomes the rhythm of your life, the early days of wonder at each others essential beauty are often forgotten.

And then, like this morning as you watch father with son, eating porridge, sons and daughter, husband , wife , all at the table sharing the beginning of a new day, young people with lives becoming ever more independent of the parents; something stirs the memory and takes me back to the time when there were only two and it was always more than enough.

I saw a vision of a life when we become just two again and a family with all its wonderful connections floats around us.
I thought of how happy I am that life meanders and twists and turns and the most unexpected can happen when you least expect it and love walks into your life, a young man, so enthusiastic and full of wonder at all life could be who has grown into a man still open to all life can bring.


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  1. Jenny I suppose I am at the same stage with my family, one is already grown and though he went without one for awhile has just bought a car.

    We moved our tree from here to our new house, and last week I picked one flower, so scared to take a twig because it is a newish tree. I brought the flower home and it is now dried.

  2. What a lovely post... it is amazing, isn't it, how love begins and then grows with the seasons?
    Thank you for this wonderful remembrance of all my blessings, esp. my family.

  3. Jenny, you are so articulate. Thank you for the gift of your words.

    Warmly, Mrs M.

  4. How lovely how life goes on regardless of what else is happening to the world. What flower is that in the photo? It is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful! I can only imagine into our future. When I see my two little ones I just feel how fast time flies, so I really treasure these moments with them now.

  6. I woke up early this morning. It is quiet and I could really take in your post. You said it so, well so beautifully. I treasured your thoughts. And of course later applied them to my own dear family.

    What a special post to have us all reflect back to that wonderful begining.

    I do love your blog.

  7. Isn't love grand? Sweetheart and I will celebrate 10 years married tomorrow. During this time of sorrow, it is a wonderful reminder that his love, and His love, are both always with me.

  8. what a wonderful love letter!

  9. Really beautiful Jenny. Thank you for the inspiring words. Have a blessed week. Tami

  10. It's an amazing journey, isn't it?
    I remember a time when I could not imagine spending 10 years with someone, and wondered how it would feel....suddenly it was ten years, and then--just as quickly last year we celebrated 33 years- years that unfolded in the quickest, most unexpected ways.


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