21 Jul 2008

I do so love Mondays when you wake up and everything feels just right.
There is such promise with the start of a new week after a busy and restful ( yes you can have both ) weekend.
I woke this morning feeling that every trace of the bug that laid me low last week has gone and I feel full of enthusiasm for the week ahead.
We are in the middle of midterm break here, or boarders long weekend as it was called in my day.
A well deserved short break for Kate and Andy in the depths of winter.
It has been so cold here over the past couple of days and today is forecast for more of the same.
The temperature you get in the morning is about how high it will be for the rest of the day.
It is snowing everywhere from the feel of it but in our slightly warmer landscape basin we are just surrounded by grey still skies and cold to the bone temperatures.
There is no wind, only little rain and the mountains that surround us stay shrouded in clouds.
When the weather pattern changes and their peaks are revealed I hope they will be sparkling and bright and we haven't had these bleak days for no reward.

I woke this morning with visions of fairy dolls and sweethearts tumbling through my head, ideas for new dolls that I can play around with today.
I wasn't sure of the time but I was wide awake.
The morning is so still and dark but the cats soon let me know that it was definitely time to be up.
They have been fed and put outside to take their chances, the fruit loaf that was slowly rising in the fridge has been needed and shaped and is slowly coming to room temperature as the fire is beginning to crackle and warm the heart of our little cottage.

The enforced rest of last week gave me so much wonderful time to just be.
I was released from all the should-be-doings and spent my time between rests exploring not only my vintage sewing patterns but also my vintage knitting patterns and my old British Country Living magazines which are always full of inspiration and colour.
I feel I had my own mid term break and I'm better for it.
I misplaced my camera too until last night so no looking at life through a camera lens , truly an enforced break.
I have to wake the workers in about 15 minutes so I'm off to check out a few bloggy friends and then get the bread into the oven.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and the week ahead brings time for experience, creativity and reflection in whatever measure.

Oh and little jenny wren dolls made it into a Storque article on etsy this weekend. Thanks Mandi

9 Responses to “promise”

  1. Hi Jenny :) I am so glad that you are better, and I hope that you have a lovely, productive week! Love, Q

  2. Have just put your little picture up in my sidebar thingo (a day in my life...)

  3. Good evening Jenny,
    It's so good that you in such high spirits and feeling better. I love your pictures especially the one of the young girl at her desk. Doesn't Audrey Hepburn look so elegant whilst knitting.
    I hope you visions of fairy dolls & sweethearts comes to fruition in the coming days.

  4. So nice to read how you feel about Mondays. Most people dread the coming week because they're so tired on Monday mornings.
    And I just love the picture of Katharine Hepburn! What a cool lady she was. Looking all glamorous but knitting at the same time. :-)

    Christine from the NL

  5. Beautiful Jenny. Glad you are doing well. My youngest just got over something as well.

  6. Nice to hear you had such a lovely and restful weekend- and that all is well this morning!
    Love the pictures and that one of Kate Hepburn is gorgeous- oh, what class she had...

  7. Hi dear Jen, so glad you are feeling better. I bet the rest did you much good. Wish we had a little of your cold. We are cooking here in the heat.

    Blessings, Shelley

  8. Hey, congrats! I've been meaning to pop by and say isn't it cool that two Tassie people were on there (maybe even to Launnie people?). It's nice to get noticed a little in the huge bug Etsy world!

  9. I just love reading your blog. Please always continue it. You inspire me everyday to be a better homemaker.


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