A Dolls House

1 Jul 2008


Perfect sunny windy winter's day , a good washing day.

Time too for a little tootle around the garden, checking on who is peeping out of the ground, who is coming into bloom.


A busy day of housework, sewing and doll making.

A little time to talk to the hens and that very chatty Charlie the duck.

Some time to think about tomorrow's challenge - teaching a group of 10 year olds to knit, Kate's class, should be fun.

Planted some saved-from-the-supermarket-pansies in the front garden, poor unloved things left to die of thirst and neglect then thrown out for 50 cents a pot. With yesterday's rain to revive them and now sunshine and a garden bed to luxuriate in they should be fine.

Everyone came home all at once filling the house with happy noise, bringing their days home to share. Lots of lively talk and enthusiastic eating.
Quieter after dinner, books, computer, knitting, A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen on dvd - fascinating and very modern story considering it was written so long ago.

Now it's time for an early night.

ps. I'll answer the doll making questions from yesterday's comments in the next day or two.


5 Responses to “A Dolls House”

  1. Hope the knitting class went well Jenny. I have found it quite hard to teach one of my girls how to knit but the younger one seems to have picked it up much more easily.

    what is the purple flower in the pic? It is gorgeous.

    cheers Kate/Lenny

  2. Good evening Jenny
    Sounds like you had a very productive day...a lovely day.
    I just have to tell you that I have borrowed from the library, The Private World of Tasha Tudor & Tasha Tudor's Garden. As I only collected them last night I haven't had a thorough read, but a quick flick thru reveals glorious photos of her home & garden. Looking forward to reading about your knitting class.

  3. Hi Kate, the flowers are a Hellebore,sometimes known as Lenten roses.
    Mine come from my mums garden so they are all the same but I have seen lots of varieties in whites, greens and purples.

    Hi Jenny, my book hasn't arrived at the library yet. I think they only had the garden one.

  4. Thanks Jenny, I thought they may have been a hellebore but I wasn't sure. We had some at our previous home, they were a pale green colour, I didn't plant them and they weren't nearly as pretty as yours. think I need to get some for here, it's so nice to have flowers at this time of the year.

    cheers kate

  5. Jenny, that first photo of the flowering lily/orchid ? is absolutely breathtaking in it's clarity and colour.

    From someone nearing 40 who is teaching herself to knit, I only WISH I'd taken the time to learn when I was 10!

    Lisa x


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