A Day In My Life list of participants, July 2008

14 Jul 2008

Here are all the people who are keeping an account of their ordinary day, 14th July.

It's not too late to join in, just leave a comment on this post and I'll add you to the list.

You will find as you read everyone's entries that no one is trying to prove that they are superwoman, we are not trying to prove how much we do or how well we manage.
The object is merely to keep a record , in any format you choose, of how we spend our ordinary days.
At the end of twelve months a good selection of days will be covered and you will have a record of how you live your days, the exciting parts and the routine parts and everything in between.

We began this project back in March and each month more than twenty people have joined in plus I have seen many others who have unofficially taken part as well. Feel free to use the Day in My Life button on your blog and if you can figure out how, you can link back to this post so your readers can discover all the other writers taking part.

Ann posted

Quinne posted

Tracy posted

Linda posted

Sarah posted

Christine posted

Jan posted

Maria posted

Natalie posted

Cindi posted

Cathy posted


Tia posted

Vera posted

50s Housewife posted


Elle posted

Kez posted

Mrs Pea posted

Emily posted

Angelika posted

Leanne posted


Willowcaroline posted

Jane posted

Mary posted


Natalija next month

Alesha posted

Tammy posted

Chas posted

Susan posted

Lisa posted

Cherish posted

Libby posted


Laura posted

Gigi email


24 Responses to “A Day In My Life list of participants, July 2008”

  1. Hi Jenny,
    I've just got back from holiday so I'm a bit late this month but please include me on your list.
    Once again thank you for organising this project.

  2. I'm in again too Jenny. Thanks for organising this every month, it's really interesting!

  3. count me in again Jenny. It will be a different post, as we are travelling into Amish country.

  4. I would like to do this as well. It sounds so interesting. Thank you!

  5. I'll try to keep account and post in the evening.

  6. Oops...sorry if this is a duplicate. The other one left without me. This is so cool! I'm a little confused, though~where do we put the post? Do we put it on our own blog?

  7. count me in again, too, Jenny! I've enjoyed reading these so much! Thanks! Alesha

  8. I posted Jenny. http://ourveryownlittlehouse.blogspot.com/2008/07/day-in-my-life.html

  9. done and posted, thank you for organising this again. I look forwards to reading other people's days as they come in.

  10. I know I have missed most of the year, but I would love to participate in future days in the lives thing. When are you doing the next one?

    Gil from Canada

  11. Hi Marytoo, yes you need to post about your day on your own blog and then just let me know when your posting is published, although I do go around and look as well and then update the list. Thanks for taking part.

  12. Hi Gill, of course you are welcome to join in at any time. You can even post a day or two late if you want to join in this month. The next one will be on 14th August.

  13. Ok, Jenny, it's done. Pretty boring day this time! Thanks for doing this. It will be like a look back in time.

  14. Hi! Please add me to the list. I've posted my day. I enjoyed reading about your day.


  15. Jenny, I'm late onto it, but I've posted my day for you.
    Lisa x

  16. I am so sorry. I had a very very busy day and could not find the time to take any pictures nor the time to sit down and write it down =( I hope to get to do it next month.

  17. I've decided that I need to devote the morning of the 15th of every month to reading these posts. It's fun to see how women are spending their time all over the world.

  18. Please add me to your list. I posted.


  19. I'm a day late but I would like to join in if possible. I have put my day up on my blog.


    Natty xx

  20. I hope it isn't too late to join, I competely forgot to comment here yesterday. My entry is at my blog:


  21. I would love to be included on your list. I'm not to sure how very exciting my 14th day will be since I live a pretty boring life...but we shall see if it might inspire me to do something a little more interesting.


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