A Day in My Life - July

14 Jul 2008


Woke just before 6 to the sound of a cat scratching at the door.
Fed the cats and let them out then tried to coax the last embers of Sunday night's fire into action.
Lots of sticks and rolls of paper later it was ablaze-ish.

On to the computer to put up the list of ADIML participants and add any new names that have arrived over night.

Out to the kitchen, rolls out of the freezer, fill the kettle and then out the back to get some kindling to start the kitchen fire.
We are almost out of wood but the woodman has promised that he will try to bring a load of wood tomorrow.
It doesn't pay to be too definite about these things.

Everyone up and getting dressed, having breakfast and so on.
Sent Andy down to let the chooks and Charlie out as they had all joined together to make a " I'm very hungry " din.

Offto school and work and by 8.30 I'm alone.
I made some porridge , enough for me and the chooks as well.
While the porridge was cooking I popped out to the laundry to put the first load of the day on.

Porridge with brown sugar and milk, followed by coffee and that last little bit of Girlie bread, toasted and buttered and some well earned computer time and a check that all those links work.

By 9.30 I was back in the kitchen , doing the dishes, sweeping the floor and doing a general tidy.

Put a bacon hock on with some water to boil for some stock for tomorrow night's minestrone.
Took the rooster, some fresh water and the cooled but still warm porridge down to the chooks.

I dug over their run yesterday so they have been very busy scratching around for worms and other goodies.


I attempted, very badly to put up the curtain hold backs I bought last week.
I couldn't find the right screws and the hand drill was very stiff.
I did a bad enough job that Stephen was forced to do a wonderful job when he came home and give me a lesson in how to use the drill at the same time.


After that debacle I headed outside to tidy up the woodpile ready for the new load.
This is not the wood pile .
It's the sticks all neatly stacked from the prunings of the willow.
They can dry out undercover ready for next winter's fires.

At around 11am I had finished the housework, put out two loads of washing and done my fiddling around with drills and wood so I headed inside to quickly check emails and then start a little bit more interior design work.
This time something I am definitely more skilled in.


I have decided to knit some cushion covers.
Some time ago I happened upon some down filled cushions at the op shop - $2 each.
They have been sitting on the window seat waiting for inspiration to strike.
I'm going to knit the front of the cover in this merino/bamboo mix just using garter stitch and the back will be a homespun cotton in a matching colour.
I have this gorgeous grape colour...


plus this lavender...


and this slate grey.

Half an hour of knitting then back out to the clothes line and some more fiddling around in the garden until lunchtime.

I did a little more knitting after eating my sandwich and then there was paperwork to do - bills to pay and a couple of official letters to write - yuck.


Around 3.30 Kate arrived home and we had a little chat, some afternoon tea.
Down to let the chooks( and Charlie then duck) out into the garden for a run around.
I've had to leave letting them out until late in the day because when I let them out earlier, Charlie leads them all out into the front garden which I don't mind but it isn't safe for them, we have a few wandering large dogs around here.


Then I started on some baking.
I put the ingredients into the bread maker to make some dough, made some Anzacs and a plain cake.
In the midst of the baking I checked on the washing but nothing was dry.
It can spend the night out and hopefully there will be a little wind tomorrow to help it dry.


After 5 I went down to put Bruce the rooster into his box for the night and then headed back in to feed the cats and dog and begin making dinner.
Tonight we had rissoles in gravy and vegies, mashed potatoes, green beans and peas.
After dinner I put the bread in the oven and had my drilling lesson and then, when Top Gear started I had access to the computer, one clear hour to write all this about my day.

I'll do some more knitting tonight and spend some time thinking about what I need to get done tomorrow.
Hopefully later tonight I'll get the chance to check out all the other days.


I want to thank everyone who has taken part this month, some of us have been here from the beginning , some have joined along the way and we have a few new journallers this month as well.

I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves.
Don't forget to have a look back at your previous posts , we have been going for five months now isn't that amazing.


13 Responses to “A Day in My Life - July”

  1. That is so amazing. Some similarities between our days, particularly the cat and the moon, and being alone at 8.30.

    Our wood is a worry too.

    Your post is very relaxing to read, lovely.

  2. Hello Jenny,
    Another nice day.
    Those curtain hold backs are a good idea.
    Happy knitting, Ann.

  3. Jenny, your days always sound so peaceful, and productive...and contented. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your days are always so pleasant and lovely. I'll be participating too, but I'm in the USA and probably won't get it posted until late tonight or early Tuesday morning.


  5. Hi Jenny,
    I do enjoy reading about your very cosy, homey life, thank-you for sharing with us! Would you please post your recipe for Anzac biscuits...we really like them, having tried them when we were in Australia last year. You live in a beautiful country.

  6. Hi Linda, the wood cam this morning , at 8am on the dot. Now I can relax.

    Hi Ann, yes the hold backs work well but it was a bit of a palaver getting them up due to my inadequacies.

    Hi Brenda, thanks.

    Hi Martha, you're welcome.

    Hi Tammy, I've added you to the list. thanks for taking part again.

    Hi Ann, I'll post the recipe soon.

  7. Hi Jenny!
    I am very late, but I will be posting later tonight.
    So much has been going on.
    It won't be glamorous but it will be a day in my life! :)
    I so enjoy reading all your posts.


  8. Hi Jenny, sounds like a lovely day. I'm glad the wood arrived, now it just has to be stacked, oh well it means the stacker gets an extra warm from it.
    I do hope that you'll show us the cushions when they are finished.

    cheers Kate/Lenny

  9. Hi, Jenny. I enjoyed reading your Daybook. I've posted mine.


  10. Hi Jenny,

    As always it was great to read about day. I'm away on holidays so forgot all about the 14th but I'm going to join in today - the 16th.


  11. Hi Jenny :) I enjoyed reading about your day. Thanks again for hosting. Love, Q


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