23 Jul 2008


Cold, cold start to a brilliant sunny day.

All the human and animal folk around here were seeking out the sun and the fire.

The chooks have been basking in the winter sunshine now that Stephen has trimmed back the Pepper Tree that shades their run all year round.

I've been playing with dolls all day as well as caring for Kate who is still poorly.
Time is marching on towards her 11th birthday on August 1st. Preparations are beginning already.

Really enjoying the wonderful scenery on the Tour de France.
The Alps are magnificent .
I'm off to check out tonight's stage.

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  1. Hi Jen, nice picture ! Such a homey look with the sweaters hanging by the fire. Thats why I love your blog so much,it's all about real life and family. Your little doll is very sweet. I bet she will find a good home. I am praying your Kate will soon be feeling well again. I bet she is so looking forward to her birthday.

    Blessings to you,and the family, Shelley

  2. I'm hooked on Tour de France too! Some fabulous scenery and scary crashes too. I read Lance Armstrong's books last year after watching the Tour de France properly for the first time last year. Very inspiring.

    Even though my brother has lived in Australia for over 15 years I still think it's weird that you are in your winter and we are just getting used to hot weather again in the UK.

    Hope Kate feels better soon

  3. That's why I love the tour, it's also a great way to know France a little bit better.
    I'm curious how Cadel Evans will perform on Saterday. It will be tough to win the yellow jersey for my favourite (Dennis Menchov because he cycling for a dutch team).

  4. Hi there! I LOVE that photo with the jumpers drying and the fire and all, also the one with the couch/pillow/blanket, your interior shots are gorgeous..
    Also very impressed by the dolls, will be back!

  5. Hi Jenny. I hope Kate feels better soon.

  6. Hope Kate feeling better soon.
    My two boy have been sick too...
    I love to have a fire place.
    I had one in the last rental property.
    Hopefully my next place might have one.... :)

  7. I hope that Kate gets well in time for her birthday. Have a nice time with your French extravaganza.


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