25 Jul 2008

Some time ago I mentioned Tasmanian Chowder and someone asked for the recipe.
We had this soup again tonight and that jogged my memory to share it with you.

It's only called Tasmanian Chowder because I make it and I am Tasmanian.
Also two vegetables that always grow reliably and self seed in my garden are potatoes and leeks and I almost always have bacon in the house.

80g butter
200g bacon
5 leeks
2 cloves garlic
bay leaf and three pieces of thyme
3 sticks of celery
650g potatoes
6 cups chicken stock
1/2 cup of sour cream (or 1/2 - 1 cup milk and 1 tablespoon of flour)
salt and pepper to taste.

Melt the butter in large soup pot.
Cook chopped bacon for a couple of minutes then add the sliced leeks and chopped garlic.
Cook gently for five minutes then add celery and cook for another couple of minutes.
Add the stock and diced potatoes, the bay leaf and the thyme.
Bring to the boil and then gently simmer for twenty minutes or until the potato is tender.
If using sour cream add a little hot stock to the cream to thin it and then add to soup,
if using milk combine the flour with a little stock then add this mixture to the milk, it should be smooth. Add to the soup and then gently warm through, it will thicken the soup a little.
Season to taste.
Serve with warm bread rolls when the weather is cold.

Almost a meal in a bowl (but we did have some ice cream for dessert as well)

Kate was back at school today but she was very tired and had an early night.
I met Louis in town to help him shop for a work jumper, so difficult to find a good quality woolen jumper at a reasonable price.
Then I spent a couple of hours browsing in the shops and found myself a pair of black shoes. I have needed some simple but dressy black shoes for a long time but I was prepared to wait. They were half price in the winter sales and I am really pleased with them.
I'm working on a little doll, an 8" doll, quite slim and dressed in a fifties style outfit or two. So far she is gorgeous and I can't stop holding her - she feels so nice sitting in my cupped hand. I'll show you when she is finished.

6 Responses to “Chowder”

  1. Good evening Jenny
    The soup sounds delicious, and using vegies from your own garden makes it even better.
    Is a good feeling when you find something on sale that you have been waiting for. Looking forward to seeing your latest creation.
    Glad to hear that Kate is on the mend. Have a lovely weekend with your family & keep warm.
    from Jenny in chilly Melbourne

  2. The chowder looks delightful, it is very close to a leek soup my mom taught me to make. The bacon is the new ingredient to me. Also, I use beef broth and heavy cream. It is soooo good with crusty rolls on a cold day. I look forward to trying your recipe.

  3. I agree your chowder looks yummy. In the midsts of summer here in the US it's nice to think about all the wonderful soups in the winter. Hearing about your winter makes the hot humid days here seem a little more distant somehow. Knowing other places are doing different things somehow shrinks the world just a tad. The reverse will be true when your soaking up the sun and sitting in the garden. We will be snowy and hoepfully enjoying wonderful soup and bread for dinner.
    I can't wait to see your new Doll. The knit doll is adorable and such a clever idea. The movies of late must have imspired you with the 50's style clothing.
    Also I'm with you I love the movie chocolate, it is one of my favorites. I can watch it over and over. Didn't you love that Tangerine sweater in the boat scene. Sigh, to look that good in anything :)

  4. This recipe sounds delicious! I'll file away the link for when it's cold weather-time here. I think my hubby would love it.

  5. Your soup sounds wonderful- very cozy and homey. I will definatley give it a try sometime because nothing smells so good simmering as soup on the stove- of course, out here in the States it's the middle of summer and too hot for soup, but come this fall . . .
    thankyou for sharing bits of your life!

  6. Thank you for posting the recipe Jenny. It was I who requested it! I am now even more anxious for Dad to come home so I can tell him the story and feed him well, being that it is he who brings the Tasmanian heritage to our family.


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