12 Jun 2008


We have had days and days of dark dull weather and now rain.
We do really need the rain.
We're inside with the fires burning brightly and only venturing out when we really have to.

We thought it was clearing and took a quick trip to the library.
It hadn't cleared and today we found out that my umbrella is broken.

We're home and cosy again now.
The menu for tea is Tassie chowder and warm bread followed by the ultimate boy comfort food - meat pie.

It's a good day for books and dolls in silk capes and gnomes and ladybirds and soup and pie and delicious warm crackling fires.


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  1. That sounds very much like our weather and wood heater. I went to the library too. Your chowder sounds interesting.

  2. Going to be miserable in Melbourne tomorrow as well:(

  3. I have had the wonder of going to sleep with the rain and waking up to it as well. The only think I like more than rain is to spend the rainy day at home, tucked up warm and cosy with a good book or a Jane Austen movie.

    Not so today, but I'll enjoy the rain anyway.

    Don't suppose there's any way to persuade you to post the Tassie chowder recipe? My Tasmanian heritage came jumping out at the mention of it!

  4. Hi Jen, sounds ever so cozy.....


  5. Your corner of the world sounds very inviting, in spite of the dreary weather. I'm glad to have come across your blog!

  6. grammysheart.blogspot.comSaturday, June 14, 2008 12:11:00 am

    I always check your blog at least a couple of times a day. sometimes three, hoping you have added something. Thanks for bringing back the joy of homemaking to others. We need more like you who make homemaking fun and creative.

  7. I did love the sound of your day spent cozy and warm out of the rain. Especially since it has rained cats and dogs for days here ( mid west usa) so tea and a fire sound wonderful. Even though were starting summer here. Love your doll she looks like she should be rescued by a handsome victorian gentleman. Or maybe she has swooned after seeing her wicked & aged uncle that wants her to mary the dastardly old count. I love her dress and the cape is such a nice color. Never heard of Tassie chowder, sounds warm and filling though.


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