Now it's later

30 Jun 2008


I had so much fun making these three little darlings.


It constantly amazes me that the same basic materials can deliver such individual little personalities.


And I'm loving these little shoes.

They turned out even better than I had imagined.


Pure wool felt, silk ribbon and hand stitched...


if only I could afford such luxury for myself.


Luxurious long tresses


Soft and wavy... so sweet


You will be able to find them here in the near future.

My etsy shop will also be updated later this week.

10 Responses to “Now it's later”

  1. They are beautiful, but my favourite is the one with the orange hair. I'm thinking she would be a fine companion for Hazel.

    cheers Kate/Lenny

  2. Jenny, I'm lovin' their little shoes!

  3. They are lovely. I enjoy making dolls but the clothing defeats me.

  4. They look so good! I love the shoes. I have a pattern for them, but haven't tried it (yet). My dolls are without shoes for now. With two toddlers in the house I decided to keep things simple for now, don't want to make tiny things that get lost in our house. :-)

  5. Oh Jenny, they are little treasures.

  6. Such sweet dolls!
    I love the quality materials too!
    I am thinking your tutorial to make them is in your archives?
    I also loved your post about making our home lovely and cozy, which so ispires and encourages this mamma heart of mine!

    Have a sweet day making your house a home..

  7. Jenny, these are the sweetest ever! My daughter and I are oohing and aahing...
    Thanks so much for your wonderful and inspirational blog!

  8. Your newest dolls are breath-taking, as always. Just stunning!

  9. The basic materials and pattern may be the same but you can plainly see that you craft each baby with their own personality and style. They are lovely. I especially like the carrot top.

  10. These are some of the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen. They are all so pretty and perfect. I dont know how you can part with them!


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