It doesn't take much

23 Jun 2008


I had the best day today.

Up early to bake some bread rolls for school lunches and for the worker.

Got the washing out early, kitchen tidy, beds made, house tidy.


Then into the playroom to boot up the computer and play some music.

Cup of coffee to enjoy and a doll to bring to life.



For the first time in forever I could play my music , as loudly as I wanted without any withering looks from the resident teenagers.

I could even dance, in my green silk trousers and purple sheepskin slippers without causing anyone any embarrassment.

Oh it was great.

I had so much fun.

The sun was shining, there was a decent wind blowing to get the washing dry, I had the whole day ahead of me.

I felt truly truly happy.

It doesn't take much does it.

12 Responses to “It doesn't take much”

  1. Jenny,
    The simple things in life are the best. Glad your day was good !

  2. Thank you for this post because it reminded me that it truly is the simple things that mean the most!
    Wishing you a wonderful day and week ahead!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day!

  4. Hi Jenny :) How wonderful! So glad it was a good one. Love, Q

  5. Good for you jenny. I felt happy just reading about your happiness!

  6. Blissful. You're a lucky girl.

  7. Hi Jen, I love days like that! Glad you could have one...


  8. congrats on finding the present moment! by the way i love the way you post ... like a poem!

  9. I think by the time our mid year break comes to an end I will no doubt be feeling just like you are! For right now, we're all just barely hanging on to make it to the beginning of our holidays, which start after school on Friday!

    Enjoy your week Jenny!

  10. Sounds like a good day, and aren't those the moments to treasure when you look around and really feel that happiness inside!
    You're right, it doesn't take much.

    Christine from the NL

  11. How lovely.

    The other day I waited until everyone was at work/school and then put Carole King on UP LOUD.

    (Not something I can do with them all here, due to the withering looks I get).

    (I still know every word to every single song on her album).

  12. Good evening Jenny
    What a delight..knowing that the housework is up to date & it's time to sing, dance & create.


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