2 Jun 2008


Life has been happily busy with the school holidays now into their second week and Louis off to work every day.

I've been finishing off some projects, my black wool skirt, my brown wool/silk cardigan that I started December 2006. It hasn't taken me 17 months of continual work but it was one of those projects that was happy to wait its time.

I wore it to town today and it felt wonderful, warm but light and soft.
Kate and I had a girls' afternoon in town. She needs new clothes , when will she stop growing?

We looked for some warm casual pants , skivvies (polo neck long sleeve t shirt) and long sleeved t-shirts.
Not much luck with the trousers but I have some blue velour and she is happy for me to make them for her.
Skivvies are no longer in fashion even though they are wonderfully warm but we did manage to find one and it was reduced.
We found a couple of t-shirts too and a sweet babydoll top to wear over the t-shirts or skivvy.
Everything was reduced and seems to be good quality. She had such fun trying things on and was very sensible about quality, practicality and colour choices.

We had a delicious afternoon tea at The Cocoa Bean ( formerly the Swiss Chocolatier) where Kate had a fabulous iced chocolate and praline hedgehog and I had a coffee and marzipan truffle.


I have made the black wool flannel skirt , just a little hand sewing to do.
It feels wonderful on, I think you describe it as a trumpet skirt, it six gored and flippy as you walk.
Lots of fun to wear and light and warm.

I'm making good headway with Kate's cardigan.

Back - finished.

Left front - finished.

Right front - half done.

Sleeves - they will be next.

I'm knitting it on 6mm needles, they feel like crowbars but they make a quick job.
The wool/alpaca mix is so soft and the colours so happy I think it will be wonderful.

One of my little dolls headed off to the UK some time ago as a special gift for a little red headed girl who was being welcomed to a new home. The lovely Katie organised the whole thing and her marvellous group of knitters have made the most wonderful clothes and more for her.

After my day of gadding today, tomorrow will be spent working on some dolls that are bound for Queensland and catching up on the washing.
Not a bad life.


13 Responses to “holidays”

  1. A great life! You pictures are so cosy.
    I have to ask though: what's a skivvy?

    Christine from the NL

  2. Hello Jenny

    My skivvies only come out on really cold days here in Melbourne.
    Have to treat them nicely as they are getting harder to find.

    That afternoon tea sounded jut as you described it - Yum

    Take care

  3. Good evening Jenny,
    Yes,it's lovely to have a 'girls day out' with one's daughter. I recently had lunch with my 22 year old daughter (who has recently come home after 6 months interstate)it was special to have time to talk together.
    I love your comment in regard to finishing off your cardigan..."it was one of those projects that was happy to wait it's time" on reflection I do believe you are right, some projects just call out finish me, finish me, others seem content to bide their time.

  4. Sounds like such a lovely day! Thanks for sharing:-)

    I too am wondering what a skivvy is?

    Have a lovely day!

  5. What a lovely little doll! I had a look at Katie's blog and I love the way everyone contributed to the doll's wardrobe. Beautiful idea!

  6. I love the paisley pattern on the dolly headed to the UK. Are they pajamas?

  7. Your life sounds rich with contentment...I"ve enjoyed your post today.

  8. hi Jenny,
    I love Mum and daughter days. They are so enjoyable. I love spending time with the boys too but it is just different with my daughter. I have been kintting a rabbit while waiting to meet with you so I can do another doll. It is nice to knit in this lovely sun we have been having.


  9. What a lovely doll. I like your kangaroos on the wall!

  10. My little man used to call skivvy's 'gibbies'. They will be gibbies to me forever! Your dolls are just gorgeous. You make some very beautiful things. - Jen

  11. Hi Jenny. Your post reminded me of my days spent with Mom, shopping and hunting for treasures, as a younger girl. That's so much fun.

  12. Dear Jenny

    Thought I would let you know, Yesterday I had my day out opshopping in Lston with my good friend and the list you provided.
    What a day, had a fabulous time, we loved the Salvos in Youngtown on Hbt Rd and loved the City Mission on Hbt Rd also. It was a wonderful day trawling through other peoples junk and found some brand new converse shoes for my son, who desperatly wanted some. Thanks again for the list of opshops we had a great time.
    Rachel Read


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