Girlie Bread

5 Jun 2008


This gal has been begging and begging me to put her face on the world wide web so whether she has made it to Rhonda's house or not , here she is.

I think she looks a bit like a Tasha but her new owner can decide a name.

I love the combination of red and pink.
Such a vital, energetic pairing don't you think.
Her jumper is an old one of mine that I purposely felted after it developed large holes, it actually wore out.
Because it was a fine knit it has felted into a not too cumbersome fabric just right for doll's clothes.

The doll is based on a pattern from a Tilda's book.
She was lots of fun to make and I hope she settles in well up north.


Days has been busy here with extra mouths to feed through the day, lots of winter jobs to do and enjoy and quiet moments snatched for some knitting.
I have foolishly cast on another cardigan for myself when I haven't finished Kate's but as Kate's is just stocking stitch it is pretty mindless work and easily done in the evenings while watching TV or reading.
My new cardigan is a pattern from Interweave Knits Fall 2003, it's called Lace-Edged Raglan and it's designed by Deborah Newton.
The pattern called for a wool cotton mix but I am using a wool silk mix ( with a little acrylic) that I found at the Salvos op shop.
There is enough for the cardigan and it cost me $8.
I love this soft blue and I think it will be a good trans-seasonal cardigan that will see me through chilly days all year round.


Yesterday I made what I think will have to be described as Girlie Bread.


This beautiful twisty loaf that tasted divine straight from the oven, perfect an hour or two later , still just warm when we had it for dessert and pretty darned good when I had some with butter for my breakfast.
It was a hit with Kate and myself but the menfolk were not impressed; it was "OK" they said, "like a fruit loaf but without the spices", "might be better toasted with some jam".

It's a soft, close textured,sweet but not too sweet delight.
It is sweetened with honey and the dough is enriched with melted butter,it's made shiny and happy with an egg wash.
It tastes a little like a brioche.
So, so yummy.

10 Responses to “Girlie Bread”

  1. The cardigan pattern looks beautiful.

    Men ~ they just don't know a good thing when it's put before them, do they! Oh well, all the more for you and Kate, I suspect.

  2. Oooo! The bread looks divine! Do you have a recipe, perchance? :)

  3. Blimey, "brioche, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." What is it with men and spicy breads? I don't really want to say that their palates lack subtlety, that would be rude...

    Anyway, the cardi looks lovely. In your link to Interweave Knits there is a lovely pattern for and intarsia skirt, I've never knitted a skirt before, but I'm not too sure if they'd suit a pear shaped figure (which brings us back to brioche, funnily enough...)

  4. I love the doll and your knitting pattern looks nice too.

  5. Good evening Jenny,
    I have fallen in love with your 'Tasha'. I think she will be to hot up north in that cute jumper, maybe down south here in Melbourne would suit her better. She is welcome to spend time with me when the heat is to much for her, LOL. (I think it's wonderful how you have recyled your jumper into a new jumper for 'Tasha')

  6. Lovely cardi pattern, and lovely bread! Yummy!

    Love, Tina :)

  7. Another adorable doll which has your "stamp" on her....she just looks like something you'd create.

    The bread looks divine. My men are "plain-o" eaters, but I like a little girlieness added to mine. Good for you!


  8. Tasha is gorgeous, just as I expected her to be. But she will not be known as Tasha in these parts, she will be Jenny. I adore pink and red together, how did you know? Thank you so much for sending her, she will be cherished.

    LOL @ dulce.

  9. It looks like a sweet challah! I'd love a recipe if you feel inclined to share one.

  10. Love your choice of sweater pattern and the yarn color is just so pretty.


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