Family Traditions.

16 Jun 2008


These flowers were found abandoned at the back door, leftover and unwanted after some girlish game with Kate and her friend yesterday.
Not many flowers in my garden in early winter.
The leaves are all settled on the ground, most garden beds are hiding under their leafy blanket.
The daisies and lavender seem to have flowers all year round, though they are few at this time.


Early winter is when my first two babies were born.
This week they will turn 19 and 16.
When my garden was sleeping new life came into our house and life became richer and happier because of it.


This week is birthday week.
Louis, Andy and Stephen all celebrate their birthdays in the space of six days and that makes for a busy week for me, chief event organiser.

Lots of goodies to bake, presents to wrap, special meals to organise.
Birthdays are a big deal in this family and every effort is made to make sure the feted one knows how special and loved they are.

Kate and I have our turn in August.


So, a busy day today and all week.

A happy, busy week.

It's also for me , a time to think about how my life has unfolded as I have grown into my role of mother.
The twists and turns that I've taken as I have moved through the phases of my children's lives.
I'm grateful for the journey that they have taken me on, the way I have grown and matured and adapted.
The way they have helped me see my world.

It has been an absolute joy watching these young things grow and take on their world.

To see how they have not only enriched their parents lives but also their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.
As the family grows and stretches; as the young ones become the adults and begin to relate to their families as adults, more and more layers of complex rich relationships are added.
Families, in the wider sense, all the generations together, can have their difficulties and I know some people choose to walk away but knowing you are a part of this complex story gives you a setting for your life.
It gives you a place of belonging and even if you choose to keep your distance you can come back any time and find that your place on the family tree has been kept vacant, just for you.

I choose to keep close to my family.
I choose to tell my children stories of their ancestors.
I choose to let the layers of my history and theirs settle over them, to be taken up and examined when the time is right.
So our family traditions, our birthday celebrations, simple but special will become part of their history that they will pass on to their partners and hand down to their children.
The joy of honouring the anniversary of the birth of their loved ones will continue to be an important part of their family life.


10 Responses to “Family Traditions.”

  1. Jenny, I'd love to hear how you make birthdays special. What are the special things that you do to celebrate the very special day?

    cheers Lenny

  2. Happy Birthday to your menfolk. Its boys birthday time here as well, with a 16th last week and an 18th in two weeks time - of course my babies were born in the heat of summer.
    I like your flower photos, you have such lovely mild winters, to be able to photograph lavender and snowdrops on the same day - amazing!

  3. Dear Jenny
    As my daughter celebrates her 18th birthday - the milestone into adulthood, your words are mine....We also choose to celebrate birthdays with great gusto and I know that memories for life are built upon these special days. Thank you for the wonderful post....and know that it is my sentiments exactly.
    Julie in Geraldton.

  4. That's a very beautiful post!! Sometimes I look at my kids and really try to remember every detail of how they look, their smell, what they say. Just to keep it in my memory and heart. They grow up so fast and they are so cute as toddlers!
    I love what you say about the family tree.

    Christine from the NL

  5. Jenny, this was such a wonderful post. So full of love and wisdom. Our children are such a blessing and bring so much *pleasure*, it's so good to have them with us. All this motherly/womanly love shines through in you!

  6. Happy birthday(s) to your men! It sure seems you have a lot to do. Reading your posts makes me miss winter, as much as I'm enjoying the gorgeous summer here.

  7. Good evening Jenny
    Wishing your family a lovely week of birthday celebrations.

  8. Lovely post, Jenny. Enjoy your celebrations.

  9. Lovely journaling and I've enjoyed your thoughts. Happy Birthday! to all at your house who are celebrating this week. Every year is a gift from God, no matter what age we are. We are expecting a quick visit from our daughter tomorrow...2 days with her and our 6 wk old grandson and our 4 year old grandson. Oh joy!


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