End of the holidays

17 Jun 2008


What do you do when it's the last day of the school holidays...


your dad has been pruning the willow tree...


and you have your big brother all to yourself for the day?


Of course.
You ask him to teach you how to make the best bow and some arrows...


and he lets you use his junior pocketknife ( he couldn't bear to let her use the super dooper one).
Guess what Kate wants for her birthday?

10 Responses to “End of the holidays”

  1. Bows and Arrows are big at our house as well. Here are photos from last summer: http://maymomvt.blogspot.com/2007/07/sapling-string-pocketknife.html

    Both Hels and Lou got pocket knives when they were 9. It was a big deal. They love to use them.

  2. Another bow and arrow house here. Surrounded by woods as we are, our middle one especially likes trying different types of wood for bows and arrows.. and will make them in profusion when he gets on a kick..much to the delight of the 7 year old! Choice of string is also varied... and then a record is kept of the longest flights.

  3. Yes, every girl needs a good knife. Helene got a swiss pocketknife for her last birthday.

  4. And here was me thinking bonfire!
    Enjoy your huntress.

  5. Same at my house, 2 older boys i youngest girl, bows and arrows and they also looove the rangers apprentice books by John Flanagan, (from boys that thought reading was boring)!!! P>S I love your house Jenny, wish I could live in one with so much character.

  6. Pocket knives are the best. I received a small swiss army knife for my 18th birthday I believe. Best gift :)

  7. Good evening Jenny
    Lovely to see Kate amusing herself outdoors. Lady Marian in the making!

  8. I love the photo of Kate, she looks so pleased with her self. I had a pocket knife at her age. I used it for all kinds of things when exploring the great outdoors.

  9. Every girl needs her own pocketknife. I still carry one.


  10. Dear Jenny,

    I hope that you don't mind my posting this here, but I know you are good friends with Jewels and that she is a fan of Tasha Tudor.
    I wanted to share the news that Tasha Tudor passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Her family has set up a memorial website at http://www.tashatudor.legacy.com/LMW/HomePage.aspx. Certainly a woman whose life of creativity, beauty and inspiration will outlast her stay on this earth.


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