Dreaming by the pond.

11 Jun 2008

I feel I have been neglecting this little space lately.
School holidays I suppose.
Not much free time and in the time I do have to think, my mind keeps turning to new projects.
I feel I haven't been making the best use of my time lately.
Too much dreaming and not enough activity.
The dreams keep happening though so, as long as I can keep up with what has to be done, I think I just have to let this all wash over me and see what comes of it.

I know I have emails to answer and a few recipes to share; I'll get to it when I can.
I feel as though I need to spend some more time dreaming by the pond, staring at the water.

9 Responses to “Dreaming by the pond.”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the school holidays, dreaming. Go with and enjoy every moment.

    cheers Lenny

  2. Even bloggers need time to dream. :)

    It was actually nice when we were in Amish country for a week and I didn't go near a computer. My mind became refreshed and renewed (as well as inspired by Amish women).

    By the way, I love what you did with the pillow in the previous post.

  3. Isn't that what summer is all about? Dreaming by the pond? I love your post & picture. They fit together like hand and glove. =)

  4. Enjoy your contemplation. Blogging is optional - living isn't!

  5. There is a poem (no idea what it is called or who wrote it I'm afraid) which begins 'What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.' Very apt sentiments I find. I recently had a five-day holiday with no internet access, and it was a really lovely change to take a break from the computer.

  6. Good evening Jenny,
    It never hurts to have some 'down time' and refresh the soul.
    A quote for you....
    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
    Eleanor Rossevelt

  7. Sweet dreams, Jenny!

    Christine from the NL

  8. Dream on Jenny dearie, it's good for the soul!

  9. (note to Brenda: I LIVE in one of the Amish countries (there are several!) and love to contemplate their pace and lifestyle)
    To dear Jenny Wren: I think winter is for slower, dreamier days. . .enjoy.


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