A day in my life - June

14 Jun 2008

What a day.
Fancy forgetting that today was the 14th.
Never mind.
I spent most of the day out of the house without my camera so the pictures that accompany my day are from other days.


As you know I woke around 6am , mainly because Shackleton ( the cat) wouldn't stop leaping onto the bed to wake me.

It is so very dark in the mornings. The winter solstice is in a few days, the nights are long and the mornings are still and dark and quiet as though the whole town is sleeping in, almost hibernating.

I spent about an hour mooching around the internet mainly looking at French blogs which I am finding so interesting at the moment.
Around 7am I made myself a cup of coffee and started putting some hair on one of my dolls.
I love the times when everyone is asleep, a new day has started and the first hour or so belongs just to me.


Louis was the first one up, to check his soccer video. I had the curtains open and the sun at around 9am was warming the couch . Louis plopped himself down and immediately found a cat or two had snuggled up with him.

Gradually everyone awoke. Kate stayed the night at Ruby's so it was just me and the men folk.

We each trundled out to the kitchen for a hot drink and some toast or cereal or both and then back into the loungeroom to eat breakfast in the sun.
A very slow start to the day.
Next Saturday it will be football and running and the whole shebang so it's nice to have a cruisey start to the weekend, the last one before school begins again.

After breakfast I took the scraps down to the chooks and let them out of their house for the day.
Back inside to do the dishes and then a shower and get ready dressed ready to go into town.

I made a big pot of porridge as a treat for the chooks and set it aside to cool.
Just as I was taking it down to them Mum and Dad arrived for a quick visit.
Then it was into the car.
Stephen dropped me off in town and then he and Louis continued on to the running.
The plan was for me to meet Louis in town after the running to look for a pair of jeans for him as part of his birthday present.
His run was only 5km and was close to town so he just walked in after the race.


I found a couple of good books for Louis and also for Andy for birthday presents.
They both have their birthdays this week.
I also visited the library to pick up some books for Andy and one for me.
I had a good look through the bookshops as well.

Louis arrived on time at 2.30pm and we began the arduous task of finding a suitable pair of jeans for him at a reasonable price.
Thank goodness he is past the age of worrying too much about brand names.
It is so freeing to be able to buy what you want for the price you want to pay and not worry too much about being judged by the brand names you are exhibiting.

We wandered and wandered and then Louis realised he was very very hungry.
He hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast.
We indulged him with a big fat cream bun and then went to catch a bus home.
We had missed it by about 10 minutes and it was a 45 minute wait for another.
By this time it was getting close to 5pm, getting cold and getting dark so we decided to walk home.


Poor Louis was exhausted but we made it in good time.
I ran into a friend I hadn't seen for ages and we had a short chat and then were on our way again.
It's a nice walk , through South Launceston. Very little traffic and not too taxing hill wise.

We arrived home to a warm fire, Kate made me a cuppa and I sat to rest my tired feet while listening to Stephen swear as he was trying to download something on the computer.

Revived and revitalised by my coffee I headed out to the kitchen to get tea started.
Just a simple pasta dish , sauteed onion and garlic, bacon and mushrooms plus some broccoli ; all brought together with cream, reduced and all those yummy flavours stirred through. Spiced up with some freshly ground pepper and served with thick spaghetti and grated parmesan.

After dinner was eaten and tidied away and the computer was finally free I added all the new names to the list of fellow lifers and started writing this post.

Kate's now heading off to bed, Andy's in the kitchen reading, Stephen and Louis are watching Aussie Rules Footy on the TV, Stephen's team ( Hawthorn) against Louis' team ( Adelaide). It's a very close game.
I'm about to sign off and go sit by the fire.
The computer is in the coldest corner of the house and I need a good warm up.

If you want to join in and journal your day please do.
You are very welcome to join us.
Just leave a comment on this post or the previous one and I will add you to the list.
It's a great way to find kindred spirits all over the world and terribly interesting to read about ordinary days in ordinary homes.


18 Responses to “A day in my life - June”

  1. sounds like a pretty good day..HUG!

  2. Sounds like a satisfying day and a delicious dinner!

  3. Hi Jenny,

    Sounds like a very nice day - mind you, your's always do.


  4. A couple more hours and I'll put mine together as well. There's something I'm curious about- is your city unusually "pedestrian friendly" or is Tasmania that way in general? We do so little walking to get to places we need to go and so much driving (too much).

  5. I will be posting my day shortly.

  6. Good morning Jenny
    Yes it certainly is nice to have a slower start to a weekend morning.
    Sounds like you had a lovely time browsing thru the bookshops.
    Well even though it's Sunday morning, I am in 'quick mode' as my DH has gone to the footy, and I plan to make the most of the day...a little housework to be prepared for the coming week and then this afternoon time to sew. I have a block of the month by Leanne Beasley to work on & I need to cut fabric for another quilt I am half way thru. A girl can never have too many projects to work on! Then tonight we will have chicken & vegie soup that I made yesterday. It's just the right weather for homemade soup. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  7. Hi Jenny
    I just had to add a PS. to my previous comment. Thanks for the link to the French blog. Such lovely embroidery & quilt photos. Even though I don't read French, the photos are beautiful.
    Now I really must close this computer down & tend to the housework!

  8. Your days are so lovely. Thanks for sharing them with us. I've posted of my day too.


  9. Thanks Jenny for starting this idea. I love to read about others 'ordinary' days. Yours as usual sounds so pleasant.

    cheers Lenny

  10. My husband and his family are avid Crow supporters - for me it's Geelong and the Lions. I love to read your blog everyday - reminds me of when I was a little girl - many moons ago. Are the bulbs starting to peep through the ground yet? I noticed this morning the leaves of the Snowdrops at my front door are peeping through.

  11. Dear Jenny,It`s better to read your day than to post my own story in english. But it comes better next time...

  12. I remember Launceston as steep, that was when I lived on flat land though. Glad you are able to walk around OK.

  13. Hi Elle. My town is actually a very hilly place and as a child we lived on top of the highest hill although we still walked a lot, especially to school and into town as it was downhill all the way. Where we live now is also on top of a hill but a much gentler one and only a 25munite walk to town. We have a route that avoids the busy roads and goes through some pretty areas.

  14. Hi Jenny, There are actually two links, one on the word French and one on the word blog. The needlework one is beautiful isn't it, such wonderful use of colour. The other link has wonderful photos of a family who live in the countryside. Beautiful children.

  15. Hi My magicboard, yes the bulbs are poking through the soil and have been for quite a while. They seem to get earlier each year. We have some snowdrops blooming too.

  16. Hi Jenny,
    It has been interesting reading what people have been up to again, thank you. And those French blogs ARE very pretty.

  17. I'd like to join in with the ang chronicling my day. Sounds fun and I enjoyed reding about your day! Please add me to your list.


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