Who listens to the radio?

29 May 2008

I listen to the radio a lot. Do you?

Though since Louis has been home so much lately my radio days have been in hibernation.

The radio is in the kitchen and for years it has kept me company while I go about my work.

I have always listened to Radio National but about a year ago their seemingly endless chatter that seemed to be fueled only by current events as seen by journalists started to drive me crazy. Of course, I'm generalising and there were lots of interesting programmes apart from their news and information shows but I needed a change.

I changed to a local community radio station, City Park Radio. I like to listen to the programmes that feature music from the forties and fifties, and occasionally they have music from today that isn't played by the commercial stations and I enjoy that too. I like to listen to their programmes run by people who have migrated from other countries and the entire programme is done in their native tongue. I still listen to Radio National occasionally I just avoid the news and current affairs most of the time.

The thing about radio is that it doesn't tie you to one spot the way television or the internet do.

It doesn't demand that you look at it.

It just floats around you and when you feel like paying attention you can.

It doesn't hinder conversation, it's just there.

I don't have it on all the time , just when I'm working in the kitchen.

It feels friendly though it drives the rest of the family crazy.

It's my home alone indulgence.

I want to share another wonderful children's book illustrator with you, Martta Wendelin.

I found her through
a link at Dances with Wool blog , the entry was written last Advent.

I'm not at all fluent in Finnish so I haven't found much about the artist but Lene writes beautifully about her feelings for the art of Martta Wendelin.

If you have the time look through all Lene's Advent posts because there is so much simple beauty.

Scandinavian countries seem to "do Christmas" so well.

That may be yet another gross generalisation.

My brother and his family spent Christmas in Sweden one year with friends and they found the decorations and family customs wonderfully magical in their simplicity.

One more thing .
If you have the time please read all the wonderful, supportive, interesting comments left on my previous post.
Thank you all for taking the time to leave such inspiring words for us all to share.

15 Responses to “Who listens to the radio?”

  1. I much prefer the radio. I have NPR on while I work in the kitchen, particularly if the kids are out playing.

    I also have to spend much time grading papers and writing up lessons. While I do that, I often listen to BBC through my computer... I enjoy the comedy shows, and use the listen again feature here
    to listen to those, or I listen to BBC 4's Women's Hour, found here


    I also sometimes enjoy a real treat of going back in time to listen to the radio programs my parents grew up on, by listening to internet radio stations geared specifically for those shows.

  2. I always have the radio on when I am working in the kitchen. It is my company. Mostly I listen to chat radio, current news stuff etc. but when that gets on my nerves I do pop in a book on cd, or a book on cassette to listen to. I find it so relaxing and enjoyable to putter away while listening to Little Women, or some other fiction, or sometimes light comedy. Our library has an extensive book on tape collection and I've picked up some here and there as well.


  3. I have my grandparents radio in my kitchen, on top of the refrigerator where I get the best reception. I turn it on every morning, to NPR, and in the evening when I prepare dinner. I much prefer that to the television.

  4. I have CBC radio on all day when I'm at home. I enjoy listening to it and you're quite right, a radio doesn't tie you down like a tv or the internet does.

  5. I have to say ditto to all of the above that Willowcaroline said. I grew up in England listening to the radio via an old brown bakelite radio, which I was later given to have in my bedroom as a teenager and I loved that radio, now a collectors item. Radio was the thing as a child. There was no tele on during the daytime, it started at about 4:300 pm and went until about midnight, with the national anthem played. So yes I love listening to the radio.

  6. I listen to the radio during the day when I'm alone, usually the ABC local station. I usually turn it off when the kids are home though as I think it helps to raise the overall noise level. My eldest listens to news radio in his room and the others like the local FM station.

    You got some really interesting comments to your last post. I have been struggling a little with this lately too, I know I don't want to work outside the home but still I let public/community attitudes get to me sometimes. Perhaps partly because lately I don't feel that I've been doing a very good job of being the homemaker, I must drag myself out of this slump and lift my game.

    cheers Lenny

  7. I don't listen to the radio much, it distracts me when there are other people or the kids around. I used to use the radio a lot when the children were small babies, it helped them sleep. Some days when I'm in the kitchen I turn on classical music and listen to that, opera mostly. No talking! That irritates me.
    I love the illustrations, they're beautiful and have a really nice atmosphere.

    Christine from the NL

  8. We're a radio family. We listen to radio 7 in the mornings (kid's programmes), I listen to radio 4 when Woman's Hour comes on and until after The Archers,then I generally switch it to radio 3, unless there's a good play on. Then it's telly for the kids until the DH comes home, we listen to the radio whilst we're eating (it's on low) and when the DH does the washing up he ALWAYS listens to radio 7's sci-fi hour, and then a bit of the comedy hour. If I ever moved to a different country I would dearly miss BBC radio.

    Oh, and Mark Radcliffe and Stewart Maconie 8 o'clock on radio 2 (brilliant) and Mike Harding's folk programme (Wednesdays 7-8)...more radio than telly really...

  9. I listen to NPR mostly, occasionally classical music while I'm in the kitchen (which is a lot). Sometimes I try to tune in classical or jazz while we're eating dinner- but the rest of the family doesn't care for it. Sometimes on the weekends I like to listen to "Prairie Home Companion" but my husband loathes it.

    I have at times turned on a radio upstairs while I tidy up there, but I find I'm moving around different rooms too frequently and the radio truly becomes a background noise, so I turn it off.

    I also take a wind-up/solar powered radio out in the garage or yard when I'm working out there, occasionally.

  10. The radio keeps my company as I go about my chores too. When the kids have school I listen less, in the summer I listen more.

    I enjoy the pop standards from the 1940's and 1950's as well. I also listen to talk shows local to my metropolitan area, occasionally national talk shows.

    In the summer evenings it is rare that baseball is not on my radio. I enjoy listening to the sport and it makes a good knitting companion.

    I was so excited to see your link to Lene's blog. It has been my pleasure to know her these past 30 years.

    Have you seen her new quilting blog, Fine Stitches?

  11. Yes. I have a kitchen radio that is tuned into an NPR station. It is all classical music with news every hour during the day.

  12. Good evening Jenny,
    I don't listen to the radio much as I work, but last year on Sunday afternoons(whilst ironing)I was totally hooked on a serial drama play on the radio. When I first heard it I thought how could this play portray the emotion & drama over the radio waves? But I was soon enthralled by the characters. It made me think of the families that would have sat around their radios in the evenings to be entertained in years gone by.
    In regard to your last post re: staying at home or working outside the family home. I was able to stay at home when our 2 children were young and only went to work at my husband's business full time when our youngest was 14 even then I was able to be home 4.30-5.00pm to help with homework & cook dinner. I feel that for our family me being there for them full time when they were young and then later on being at home not long after they got home from school was an important factor in providing stability for our children. (and it was a joy & privilege to be there for all those special little moments of their young lives)

  13. Another BBC Radio 4 fan here - I don't need clocks or watches; I can tell the time by what programme I'm listening to!


  14. Hi Jenny,

    When I listen to the radio (which is mostly when the kids aren't home) it's mostly classical, provided there's not too much talking going on!

    I also wanted to ask - do you know Dutch illustrator Rie Cramer? I love her! A bit similar in style to what you've been posting here.

  15. I am in love with yer blog! AND yer dolls! I clicked over from The Simple Life and am SO GLAD that I did! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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