Sumptuous fashion

19 May 2008

So much kitchen love.
Such wonderful comments.
Thank you all.

I know some of you have asked for recipes and I will get to that later in the week.
I only have a tiny window of opportunity on the computer and it takes me forever to write out recipes.

I'm enjoying today very much with both boys at home.
Andy is off to camp tomorrow and there is a possibility of Louis having a job later this week so I have been making the most of the free labour.
Wood splitting and garden tidying as well as hanging out the washing kept them busy this morning and now they are off kicking the football.

We are hurtling towards school holidays at the end of the week and that leads inevitably to the birthday week in mid June.
I can't believe we are so close to the middle of the year already.

I have a big week of doll work this week and plans for some clothes sewing as well although that may have to wait until next week.
I ordered a couple of skirt patterns through Duckcloth and they arrived today.
Last week I bought some black wool flannel and I have a piece of navy linen/ cotton mix to make up.

It is feeling busy in a good way around our little suburban homestead at the moment with everyone helping to make our house as warm, cosy and beautiful as possible for the cold months ahead.
We have been sorting through last year's winter warm clothes and finding what can be sent off to the various charities.
I found some old woollens that I have felted to be used for something.
I even arranged my clothes in colour groupings so I can easily see what I have and what I need
It has been a matter of grabbing fifteen minutes here and there and just going for it.
Very satisfying.
It feels like a season to get things done, to be rid of the excess and knowing exactly what we have stored away so it can be better used.

It is also a time to make the most of the extraordinary autumn sunshine that glows in its own spectacular sumptuous fashion and warms the loungeroom at just the right time for me to indulge in a little knitting and reading around morning tea time.

I hope you found a sunny spot today to revel in the peace and comfort of your home.

5 Responses to “Sumptuous fashion”

  1. Oh I love this post. Here in Maine we are going in the opposite direction. Getting out the hot weather clothes, sorting and discarding or keeping. Preparing for the gardens and vacation time. I love the changing seasons so very much.

  2. Hello Jen, love your post today. It is very sloothing. I am not looking forward to our HOT summer days ahead....we have hot temps with very high humidity for most of the summer months.(YUK) I am already dreaming of our fall weather to come around. I love the coziness of autumn. Enjoy yours....


  3. We haven't been home since Saturday evening, and are finally going home today. I'm so looking forward to it.

  4. I had wondered what you were up to the last few days ~ and hoping that you were just busy. I'm glad that is the case. I hope you'll post pictures of your clothes sewing when it's done :)


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