On my way to the bank today I found a rainbow and a treasure.

8 May 2008


Last time I needed a zipper for a sewing project I discovered my stash of op shop zippers was sadly depleted.

You can imagine how excited I was today when I found an entire rainbow of zippers at the oppie.


Twenty eight zips in all , lots of different sizes and a whole kaleidoscope of colours.
Twenty cents each.

I think that's a good price.
It is so long since I have bought a new zip I have no idea how much they cost at their full retail price but I'm pretty sure that 20 cents is a good price.


I was actually on my way to the bank , not the op shop, that was just a detour.
I passed these little plants, bravely growing in a blocked up drain.
I think it's a couple of tomato plants.
Isn't that wonderful?
Nature, she always wins.

I found this proverb:
"You can shove nature out with a pitchfork, but she will keep coming back."


We are still getting a few toadstools but not nearly so many this year. It must be because of the very dry summer and autumn we have had.

I have bought myself a present, a book of knitting patterns: "Irresistible gifts to knit"by Alan Dart.
I used to knit a lot of animals but not so many lately. This book has so many lovely patterns for animals and gnomes and nativity sets and pirates and mermaids.

We spent the earlier part of the day planting seedlings that Mum bought round yesterday.

She wants a cut of the harvest as payment for the seedlings - a fair deal I think.

9 Responses to “On my way to the bank today I found a rainbow and a treasure.”

  1. Oh, I love Alan Dart! His knitted toys are always so clever and detailed. I have the pattern for Mrs Chicken in one of my knitting books! He's also done a pattern for some lovely winter gnomes...I love a good gnome!

  2. What a nice find, those zippers! Was that all you got at the op shop? :-)
    The book looks really nice. I'm not much of a knitter, though. I can crochet about anything, but knitting has never been my thing!

    Christine from the NL

  3. I decided not to plant tomatoes one year in their usual spot, but several plants came up anyway, where some had fallen and decomposed the year before. We had very nice tomatoes from those unexpected plants!

  4. Hi Jenny, snap I have the book to, I couldn't resist it. I like knitting toys, in between other knitty things. Julie

  5. Hello Jenny. Yes, 20 cents per zipper is an excellent price. What a great bargain you got there! And surely you have a colour for every project now.

    Your photo of the tomatoes reminds me of one we have growing just off our front verandah. It's in a crevice between two slabs of concrete and growing strong and tall. Yes, she always does win. :- )

  6. That is an amazing op shop find. I guarantee you don't get ANYTHING for 20c each at Spotlight or Lincraft now!

    My op shop find was 2m (approx) of Warick 100% cotton, which I will make into a new ironing board cover. The top on mine is probably about 10yo and has all sorts of holes in it now!

  7. I have read your wonderful site for some time. I just thought I would say hi.

  8. Those toadstools - I saw some in City Park the other day. They're like something out of a storybook, but sinister too. Lucy won't go near them.

  9. The rainbow of zippers is delightful!


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