mess threshold

22 May 2008


This is where I normally have my morning tea but today I shared an early drink with Louis before he headed off to start his new job.
It's been very cold here this morning, below 0 degrees I think and the best place to park ourselves for a drink was beside the kitchen fire.
The day is all sunny brightness but the lack of cloud cover last night meant a chilly start to the day.


We have had highs and lows in the struggle to find work for Louis but thankfully all his efforts have been rewarded.
I hope it all goes well.

It has been uncomfortable experiencing life unstructured by school timetables and leaving plenty of time for thinking.
He seems to be moving along well on his plans for next year at Uni but he really needed work as well.
It must be so difficult for the long term unemployed to keep a positive attitude.
Louis has been within the safety and love of his family with no real responsibilities as far as supporting anyone with his wages and there have been times when he has felt utterly defeated as even his best efforts didn't bring good results.
And he has had casual work in this time as well.
I can't imagine being faced with having to look for work for months and in some cases years and becoming progressively less employable as time passes.


I have been having a lovely time with my dolls.
I think the secret for me in being able to enjoy my craft work is to make sure I keep up with the rest of the house.
I make sure that the dishes are done, the house is tidy , the beds are made, the washing is up to date, I have a plan for what we will be eating for dinner and so on.
It is so easy to slip behind and though you can close your eyes to it for a while eventually the lack of peace means you can no longer be creative.

I think this is true even if you are not setting out to make bazillion dolls or whatever craft you choose.
It is very difficult to have a truly creative home if your home is somewhere you would rather not be because of the irritation of THE MESS.
I'm not claiming that my home is never untidy and most probably my standards are different to yours for example I am very good at ignoring dust and certain garden jobs.
Everyone has their own threshold to mess irritation and each home has its own set of standards of what is acceptable.
When my home falls below our standards I can't do anything properly.
It's like being hungry or just a little too cold, something's not right and until I fix it I can't be peaceful about anything.


Another thing I am very good at ignoring, like dust, is doing the household paper work which is waiting for me today.
It has niggled at me for long enough that now is the time to just do it and move on.
Wish me luck.

13 Responses to “mess threshold”

  1. Hi Jenny :) I've said it many times, but just have to say again how precious I think your dolls are. Even more so because of the way you take them to your heart as you make them and then share that with us here. Just lovely!

    I know what you mean about trying to be productive when things are messy :) There are certain things around here that just HAVE TO BE, or I can't do a thing - LOL!

    Have a lovely day! Love, Q

  2. So true, Jenny, a certain level of cleanliness and order are necessary if we are to enjoy our homes. When everything is tidy and clean, then when I come home from errands etc., I feel good when I walk in the door and see everything looking so welcoming. I try very hard to have our home be that welcoming for my husband when he gets home from work, so that he will have that satisfying feeling of "Home" when he comes in the door.

    I dislike having a Dr's. visit etc. early in the morning because then I have to come home and then start all the tidying up. I try to make appointments and errands for the afternoon so that I can leave our home looking nice before I go out but sometimes it just can't be helped :-)Your home is so cozy - I'm sure that all of your family loves it and enjoys being there.


    Mary L.

  3. This is so true for me as well. My house has to be "at rest" if I am to be able to either do my job or craft.

  4. I couldn't agree more! I hate it when I stumble over toys and the table is a mess. Dusting is not my thing, I don't do it often enough and I'm not really bothered by the dust bunnies under the sofa. :-)
    Good luck on your paperwork!
    Hope Louis has a good time in his new job.

    Christine from the NL

  5. Oh, dust is the BANE of my existence! It's very easy for me to ignore but after a while, when the sunlight comes in just right on some piece of furntiture, I know it's time... what is the best way to dust, I wonder? I know the obvious answer is OFTEN but we have so many little knick-knacks, it makes for very uninteresting work...
    Ah, well, a lovely post as usual... I am glad Louis has found some employment and wish him the best of luck with it.

  6. Hello dear Jen, I know so much what you mean about keeping one's home in order,so that there can be a mind of ease to relax and enjoy being creative. My only problem is that I can never seem to bring myself to the point of thinking my home is tidy enough to start a project. I put off starting projects that are in my mind to do because I always seem to find more cleaning etc.that could be done and it runs into a never ending cycle. I enjoy taking care of our home and find pleasure in decorating and being creative in this way,but I desire to find a balance to the work that needs to be done and allowing time for me to create with my hands. There are so many things I desire to learn yet. I plan to seek a way of coming to a compromise with myself for allowing time for that what is needed and that which is desired.
    I also need to discipline myself in the area of putting first things ,first. Studying God's word and prayer! By doing this one thing,I believe everything else will fall right into place for me.
    You are a inspiration to me,and I love coming to visit you. Your dolls look so lovely in the beautiful sewing basket.
    I hope I did not bore you with this much to lengthy comment......


  7. Congratulations to Louis on his job. I hope that he is happy working at his place of employment.

    I'm reasonably tidy, but then again I believe that "a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind" ;-)


    Anna Marie

  8. I am usually so organized, and lately I am NOT, and it is driving me wild. Can't stand the mess!
    Love your blog.

  9. I know just what you mean, I had a major sewing mess yesterday and it got to the point where I had to clean it up and start over so I could think:-)

  10. I really understand about the peace of mind your speaking about. My house was turned upside down when I had a room added to it. The kitchen area had to be completly taken apart and packed up. I have room to spare, but things didn't happen as they should. It was somwhat of a nightmare and it has been terriable getting it in order properly again. I know it will happen, but until then I'm really only happy stitching in my car at lunch. Just to much uproar at home to deal with right now:)

  11. Your little dollies are so sweet...I wish I could buy them every one!

    I'm feeling a spring clean in the wings of my home...I dread it, but the quicker I do it maybe I'll be able to concentrate better!☺

  12. I love the photos that you share with us of the sun shinning in on your cozy rooms. We don't get much morning sun inside our house. We do get late afternoon sun in our bedrooms, but it makes them so hot that I have to close the blinds and can't enjoy the light.

  13. I so agree with you, Jenny. Before I can take on a "new project" I really must have a little order in my home first. I'm not all that fussy, but I do like a little organized chaos.



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