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16 May 2008



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I love my kitchen.

When I was feeling so glum the other day part of what made my day turn around was spending time in the kitchen. Not stuffing my face with all the food I could find but working in the kitchen.

Of all the rooms in the house , the kitchen is the one that most qualifies as a work room. Other rooms are living rooms and resting rooms. A sewing room is a luxury some enjoy but for most these days sewing is a leisure activity rather than a family necessity. A laundry room for many is just a place to feed the machine; a dollop of detergent , a pile of clothes, press the button and move on to the next job.

The kitchen in what ever form it appears, either a stand alone room or part of a family room , is the main place in the modern house where work, meaningful work ,takes place.

In times of family disruption; illness, births,Christmas,house guests, if you can keep the kitchen clean and functioning life will be much smoother.
Kitchen work gives instant and delayed gratification. Getting the dishes washed and put away, the sink clean and the table wiped down and ready for use gives a feeling of calm both while being accomplished and the result. Spend a late summer day chopping fruit picked from the garden to cook and bottle and enjoy in the depths of winter or even next summer.

Imagine this.

You get up while the house is still dark and sleeping.

Walk into the kitchen and close the doors.

Your own little space.

Light the fire and put the kettle on ready for a heart warming cuppa.

Dishes on the sink from last night when everyone was too busy with the business of after dinner to do the dishes.

No problem .

Put the plug in the sink, squeeze a dollop of detergent and watch the bubbles form.

Pop the neatly stacked plates and bowls into their hot bath.

Slip the knifes and forks and spoons in as well.

Turn off the tap and they can enjoy a quiet soak while you attend to your cuppa.

While you sit contemplate the day ahead. Maybe make a few notes: what's for dinner, remember to ring mum,who might be home late tonight.

Cuppa done, feeling centred and in a good place for the day ahead sweep the floor and put the couch to rights, plump the pillows and make sure the fire is burning well then go over to take care of the dishes.

After a soak they are quickly done and drying on the rack while school lunches and breakfast are considered.

The pace is quickening as the dishes are dispatched to their various homes and lunch making is set up.
The table is set for breakfast and it's time to break the seal on your little cave and let the rest of the household in.
Open the doors and quietly go around the house waking all the sleeping souls.
The light of the kitchen floods into the hallway to light their way to the new day.
To light their way to the welcome kitchen ; warmth, food, drink, companionship, order, acceptance.
Mornings shared before the family separates to the part of the day they share with others, to come back together, after the day is done to share food, laughter, tears, life....

I love my kitchen.

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  1. Lovely photos Jenny and a very moving and beautiful post, written from the heart.

    I too love my kitchen. It's my work place, where I spend all my time (well most of it) and where I feel most comfortable and capable. I just wish that I had a fire in my kitchen, really I'd love a combustion stove. I love your couch and now I'm inspired to find a small couch and find a way to fit it into my kitchen space.

    Have a lovely day

    cheers Lenny

  2. I also love your kitchen! It's so warm and cheerful--just lovely. I've always wanted a fireplace in my kitchen, but I do have a wood cookstove that keeps things cozy. Thank you so much for sharing the heart of your home. :-)


  3. Adopt me.

    Did you get the email I sent you yesterday

  4. Like Amy, I love your kitchen too. It's warm, inviting and very appealing. I'd like to share that early morning cuppa with you and talk the day's plans through.

    Jenny it always makes me smile when I look around your home. We have so many of the same things - a little yellow bucket, a cath kidston mug, a soup bowl, the love of red gingham and red onions.

    I loved this post. Thank you.

  5. BTW, what is the red drink? and what is your recipe for your salad dressing - it looks delcious.

  6. I think a glimpse of everyday things is so interesting, and gives a sense of the person who tends to them. Thank you for sharing your kitchen with us.

  7. And I think this is the exact issue that keeps me feeling so off balance... where I used to live in the kitchen, and in its work, now my day is centered elsewhere, and the kitchen becomes an afterthought. But as it becomes that afterthought, the smoothness of life breaks down. I look forward to summer when once again, my work is centered on the kitchen.

  8. Don't you just love how cats alway like to sit on the highest point in any room.

    Your kitchen looks lovely, the photos are just great, great post... keep your chin up.


  9. I've said it before. I love your kitchen too.

    Then again, I love mine too. The kitchen I have now is the best one I've had in the 7 houses we've lived in.

    But I'd love a little bit of homey character to go with my lovely long benchtops and efficient appliances.

  10. I always think the Kitchen is the heart of the home - and yours certainly lives up to that description.

  11. I got tears in my eyes just looking at the lovely pictures, and your little story got me even more. What a beautiful post!

    Christine from the NL

  12. Once again through your beautiful writing I was transported to your kitchen , sitting and sipping a cuppa and watching your morning unfold. Thank you again for sharing your warm and wonderful life with us.

  13. Beautiful post, cozy homey kitchen! I would love to know what that cheesey pizza looking pie is and how to make it. I see some other ladies have asked for some recipes as well, perhaps you could post them all?? Pretty please? :)

    I also have the Cooking in Quilt Country book, the recipe "Amish Oven Fried Chicken", in that book is excellent.


  14. I love my kitchen, too. In decorating the rest of the house, I keep my hubby and son in consideration.

    However, the kitchen is all mine! :)

  15. I love the blue of the cabinets...
    I would love to have a kitchen that is more secluded or at least set apart from the rest of the house... We live in a house with an open floor plan, where every room leads into every other room and there is no door closing on the rest of the house for that lovely quiet little cuppa... alas...
    But perhaps with the next move I can find the exact kitchen I crave to have... thank you for this lovely little glimpse at yours!

  16. Hi Jenny,
    I also like your kitchen.
    it looks very comfortable and familiar.
    I particularly like your tischdecken.
    I also love the peace and quiet in the morning.

    Greeting Marion

  17. I have just discovered your blog and I love the way you live and the way you write. I do like your kitchen too! I am not a kitchen person, I find cooking a chore, but if I had a kitchen like yours I could sit on the sofa and knit or spin whilst my husband cooked!!

  18. What a lovely,peaceful,comforting post.

  19. Thank you for a lovely post. Your kitchen is wonderful. I love the way your windows come right down to the sink so you get a great view of the garden. And of course the fire! That is truly special.

    When we have company everyone ends up gathering in the kitchen, right?

  20. And I ♥ your blog!!!

    I'm a new reader and am just amazed that you can make a sink full of dishes look like art!

    A truly beautiful post!☺

  21. Like many others Jenny, I too love your kitchen. It's so inviting and homey. Perfect for a cuppa followed by a snooze on the couch.

    I can't say I have the same relationship with my kitchen. It's a bad layout and I don't really like spending time in there -- although I've set up my sewing machine at the kitchen table as that's the only place in my apt that has room.

    My living room on the other hand, is most lived in. I spend most, if not all, of my waking hours when at home in my living room.

  22. you a comfy and cheerful looking home.

  23. You have totally inspired me to go and tidy up my kitchen. Thank you. Of course I wish I had your kitchen and your love for your kitchen. Mine is generally a walk through and dump and nobody cares about it. Maybe that's my problem. I don't spend enough time there. I will go now and make it a nicer place to be.

  24. Love your kitchen ! I'd enjoy being able to sit with you and have a cup of tea and sample some yummy treat you've baked. You have a wonderful sense of color and aren't afraid to use it throughout your home. Your home has a very happy feeling. Your family is blessed.

    Mary L.

  25. Lovely post.

    Those cannisters - I had ones just like them and sent them to the a charity a little while ago. You didn't just pick them up from one, did you? We could have cut out the middle man.

  26. What a lovely and peaceful post!!
    Thank you

  27. Jenny, my kitchen is much smaller than yours but I love it too - and for similar reasons!

  28. Oh, this was my favorite of all your posts! (they're all so enjoyable though) I have the same love of kitchens- mine and others' too. The kitchen gets top priority, followed by dining rooms as the rooms I most like to daydream about, look at photos of, etc. Yours looks so warm and lovely.

  29. Oh, wow...what a cozy spot. I would love to spend time there. Thanks for the pictures.

  30. Ooh I so love your kitchen, it's so homely.

    Oh by the way I would love to join in with your "A Day in my Life" posts, is it too late or can I join in a wee bit late.

    And if you like Nella Last's War, there is another book out called Nella Last's Peace, it is her diaries on life after the war has finished. I have ordered it from our library along with several other mass observation type books.


  31. What a peaceful soul you must be. I too feel serene after enjoying this post! I've loved having a peek into your morning & day. I came over looking for perhaps your 'kiss biscuit' receipe...and am blessed anyways...thanks.

  32. This is a beautiful post and thankyou for welcoming us in with your photos.

  33. This is a beautiful post and thankyou for welcoming us in with your photos.

  34. I love this beautiful post. Oh, to have a kitchen like this! I would just love a door to shut everything out.:)

  35. Hi
    I read this post for. Inspiration ...
    It's morning here and I have started my day , finished breakfast and this writing from you makes me want to hop back into the kitchen ...
    Thanks for your lovely words


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