7 May 2008


It's early morning here, just before 6 and the sun and the family won't be up for a while.

Soon I'll go out to light the fire and get the kitchen ready for the day.
I'm drinking my first cuppa in the playroom , my work table is covered in doll making ideas, ideas that began to form at the workshop on the weekend and have fired my hands into action.

I've put some ingredients in the breadmaker to prepare some cheesy rolls for school lunches, they should be ready to be shaped in about half an hour.

Rhythm has returned to the house.
Last week I had to go out almost every day plus there was the doll making class on Saturday and Sunday.
Stephen was away with work all week.
It was just a funny week.

This week, the temperatures are getting lower overnight. Autumn, as the last whisper before Winter, has truly arrived. As the northern hemisphere celebrates May Day as the true start of spring and the inevitable dance towards summer, down here we are beginning to feel the inevitability of cold months ahead.

The wood is stacked in the shed.

The garden is planted with what will make late winter stews: leeks, onions, garlic plus some greens and peas too.

Extra blankets have been added to beds.

Knitting is going on apace.

Clothing checked;what fits , what doesn't, what do we need.

We are nearly at the Birthday Season: late May through to August so there are presents to be considered and celebrations of course. It's a busy time but it helps to light up the wintertime when the days are short and sometimes dreary.
Each date with its special star on the calendar takes us forward to the next celebration: first Denise ( early this year because of a special overseas trip), then nephew Matthew, Stephen's dad,then Louis, Andy, Stephen all together, then my aunt who lived next door to me my whole childhood, she turns 80 this year, then Kate, me, my mum and my nephew Ben.
That takes us to the end of August and almost the end of winter.
Lots of bright lights to show the way to spring.
Lots to keep us busy and together.

We have white and pink and purple violets flowering at the moment and the greenery of some spring bulbs are already pushing through. Brave reminders that although the days are drawing in and darkness will dominate over the next few months there is always a spring, renewal that builds on the seasons past comes again and again. The natural world is always moving on , changing and growing ever hopeful that it will be blessed with the right conditions to bloom and making the best of what it is given.

Enough of this dreaming, I have to go and get the rolls in the oven.

12 Responses to “morning”

  1. Jenny, I love it when you talk about the gentle rhythms of your life, whether it be the seasons and the preparations you make for them or just the minutae of you daily routines. The cheese rolls sounds delicious. I've just gotten back into bread making and I might look up a recipe for some to make for my kids tomorrow.

  2. Hi Jenny :) I agree with Annette - such a lovely post, almost like a hug. I hope that your winter will be cozy and warm and joy-filled! Love, Q

  3. The seasons, the circles, the cycles...

  4. What a lovely post, I enjoyed hearing about your daily plans. Your violets are so pretty!

  5. Your writing style is so soothing Jenny...have you ever considered writing a book? You seem to be naturally talented in this area.

    Love, Tina :)

  6. Jenny, I hope you enjoy your winter. I wonder, how cold does it get?

  7. Jenny, you have such a way with words. Very peaceful and soothing.

  8. Hi Anna, it doesn't get too cold here by northern hemisphere standards. The average winter temperature is about 11.5 C (53F) maximum and 2.4C (36F)minimum.
    But we do get below 0 C in the depths of winter and days below 10C maximum.

  9. Your writing is beautiful, I do so enjoy to read about your days. So simple and meaningful.

    cheers Lenny

  10. I'm so curious what your doll making ideas are. :-)
    I can't stop being amazed at how difficult it is to imagine you guys have autumn/winter when we have summer here in Europe! I gave my kids an icecream this morning, they were both in shorts and a t-shirt, sun was shining, it really felt like summer already.
    But still, the way you describe your change of season, it sounds cozy and nice.
    I really do have to dig out my breadmaker one of these days. I read Rhonda Jean's blog also and she has good ideas and recipes for it as well. I don't know what cheesy rolls are, but they sound really good! Especially with our real Dutch cheese. ;-)
    Christine from the NL

  11. This is a lovely post. Such a vivid description, I can really picture what it's like over there with you.


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