Incredible , magical light

13 May 2008





What can you say.
The light at this time of year , especially in the late afternoon, makes the whole world look like a fairyland.

The angle of the suns rays, the glorious colours of the leaves - they put on such a great show.

My dear cosmos are still clinging on. The first decent frost will see them off but they have flowered continually for many months and each flower has cast its load of seeds into the garden, sometimes helped by me.
We should have a a garden full of dainty pink blooms next summer.


To answer your questions about the little quilt:

Yes, it is quite possible to make this by hand. Some years ago I helped Andy's grade four class make a similar quilt and each child made their own quilt by hand.
It just takes time.

The nine patch in the middle is made of 3 and 1/2" squares, that is a 3" plus 1/4" seam allowance on each side.

The first border, the cherries, is 1 and 1/2", that is a 1" strip with 1/4" seam allowance on each side.

The second border is 2 and 1/2", that is 2" strips with 1/4" seam allowance on each side.

The binding is the overhang from the backing but you could put a separate binding on if you wish.

I used a thin cotton batting ( wadding).

The quilt is approximately 15 and 1/2 " square.

I used bits and pieces that I had on hand so I don't know the quantities of fabric needed.

If you have any other questions I'll be happy to help if I can.

And an invitation.

Tomorrow is the 14th of the month so if anyone wants to join me in keeping a detailed record of their day you are most welcome.
If you want others to read all about your day leave a comment on this post and I will post a list of all those participating.
This will be the third day we have recorded and at least 30 people have formally taken part each time plus various others I have seen in my journeys around blog land.
You can
read more about this project by follow the link in this post or on the sidebar under the subject heading " A Day in My Life"

It may seem daunting but you can write as much or as little as you choose.
We are not trying to see who is the busiest or most organised.
It is simply ordinary people recording their ordinary days.
After 12 months I think we will have a wonderful record of how our lives are lived.

Happy 14th to you.

13 Responses to “Incredible , magical light”

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Love the little quilts, the colors are beautiful. I have a book called "Small Amish Quilt Patterns" that has patterns in similar small sizes. It's so much fun to make!
    I'm still thinking about starting my own blog so I'm not in for the "A Day in My Life" yet, but perhaps next month, who knows.
    Enjoy your autumn light, it is indeed magical!
    Christine from the NL

  2. Hi Jenny, Lovely photographs especially the cosmos.
    I intend to tkae part in your "Day in my Life" project again this month although it may be Thursday evening before I get chance to post.
    Thank you for thinking up this idea and for listing the participants, it makes for interesting reading and as you say it is creating a lovely record of the details of our lives.

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I'd lost track of the days- thanks for the reminder. I'll participate again. Cutting short- puppy just toppled a stack of folded laundry.

  4. Jenny, thank you so much for the measurements on the little quilt. Your little quilts are lovely. I can't wait to try my own.

    Thank you again, very much.

  5. Thanks for answering my question! By the way autumn is just beautiful where you live. We don't have much of a real autumn (or spring, for that matter) here in Israel, seasons change so fast from winter to summer.

  6. Hi
    Signing in for another month of a day in your life.

    Love Leanne NZ

  7. Oh, and by the way. Since you mentioned that I can write "as much or as little" as I choose, I'd love to do a "Day in my life" post tomorrow. I think it will be possible, unless I don't have internet access for some reason.

  8. Oh I love the quilt... it is beautiful!
    I will be participating with tomorrows a day in the life.

    Thanks, have a wonderful day!

  9. I like to read in your blog, I like your pictures, your words say a lot of true and interesting.
    love greetings from germany / berlin

  10. Lovely photos!!! And yes, I'm joining you again for a day in my life.


  11. Count me in for A Day in my Life too Jenny!

  12. Hi Jenny. I'm in again. Thanks for the reminder. Jan

  13. Hi Jenny - I know exactly what you mean by the autumn leaves appearing to change the light - all that reflected colour. It's a beautiful time of year - I just wish it wasn't so dry in so much of Australia.


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