In season

1 May 2008


Feijoas on the inside


and rain on the outside.

It must be autumn.

6 Responses to “In season”

  1. Jenny, what are feijoas? I've never heard of those before. How interesting.

    Love, Tina :)

  2. For a moment there, I thought those Feijoas were Medlars...

  3. what a beautiful pictue of the rain it is very comforting somehow. I love the green of the Fiejoas. My neighbor had a hedge of them when I lived in Califronia, the red flowers are beautiful and the silvery leaf color. I like your rain pictue, makes me want to curl up with one of my cats.

  4. Hi Tina, I've put a link so if you click on feijoa you can read about them. They are just a funny little fruit.

  5. Hi Natalie, you are such a slow learner.

  6. I too eat those little guavas and love them!


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