I'm back

5 May 2008

So one hundred loads of washing later, I'm back to announce the winner of the birthday present.

You all left so many kind messages I feel as though I received more than 60 hugs.

I decided to choose two winners and as it turned out one winner is from Australia and one from the rest of the world so that has a nice balance to it.

Rhonda Jean is the Aussie winner and Tia represents the rest of the world ( the UK actually).
Congratulations and I'll get to work on your presents as I have finally finished Lenny's doll. I'll send that off tomorrow and when I think it has arrived I'll post some pictures. Lenny lives in Tasmania so it won't take long for the parcel to arrive.

I don't know if any of you check back on the comments but there is something really interesting in the comments on my previous post. A lady by the name of Jo left a message to say that she had arrived at my blog by way of Pleasantview Schoolhouse blog only to find a picture of her daughter's sewing box staring back at her. Her sweet daughter, Maddy, attended my doll making class on the weekend and made a beautiful doll for her little sister. What a coincidence don't you think?

5 Responses to “I'm back”

  1. Oh thank you so much!

    So very kind.


  2. Thank you so much, Jenny. I will love having something you made in my home. I'm sure it will live well here along with my homemade bits and pieces.

    I really enjoyed reading your 60 comments. It is lovely to witness appreciation for all things simple.

    Your doll making workshop looked excellent. It's really a wonderful thing for you to be sharing your experience with others. You're a generous lady, Jenny.

  3. It's always a pleasure to come here to visit and see what you're up to. Happy Birthday (belated).


  4. Shows what a small world it really is.

  5. Do you think there are really any true concidence, or are they just incidences happing on schedule. That has always been the question for me. I love the fact she found the site, and the fact you loved her daughter and the doll she made. I think connection is what it is all about in the long run. The more we connect the more we learn and the richer our lives are. I'm tickeled for your winners, you have "hugged" them back, and celebrated connections all over the world.
    I found your post about stopping blogging, taking breaks etc. Very interesting. Thoughts to ponder as usual. I'm glad your still blogging. I love to hear and learn new things. Oh, and I have my first book off your reading list from last week, if you don't mind be looking over your shoulder :)


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