Home Making

5 May 2008


After spending this wet weekend teaching a group of charming women and girls how to make their own doll...


I now am happy to spend a day getting comfortable in my home again...


catching up on all those things that others just don't see...


moving back into my place at the centre of my family...taking care of the business of home making.

I'm more than happy to get things in order.
A home and family can't run itself, someone has to be there to guide and smooth out the creases.

If you want to read about the work of the homemaker pop over to Anna's place and read this wonderful post

I'll be back later in the day to announce the winner of the birthday present.

8 Responses to “Home Making”

  1. Hi Jenny.

    Thank you for a great weekend. I didn't feel I had thanked you enough for your teaching. I learned so much and can't wait to finish Annabelle. Hope you are well soon too.


  2. Hi Jen,I saw that post from Anna's blog. I really enjoyed it. Today at church one of the younger sisters(a mother of four little ones) and I were briefly talking about mothers,house keeping,etc.and all the roles we as wife's and mother's play.. she mention once in school a teacher said to her Mom, You are not smart enough to be anymore than a wife and house keeper....What a terrible thing to say to a young woman...This woman went on and became just that and a very good one indeed..
    For most of my life I have been a wife, mother and now a grandmother and I count it a privilege to serve my family and home,in doing so I feel as though I serve my heavenly father. I love learning from others and that is one reason I always come back to your blog...it is such a wonderful informative pleasure to visit with you each time.


  3. Yes it IS good to come home and get comfy again. Having just been away on school camp with my daughters, I have found it difficult to get back into home life though. In just two days I seem to have forgotten that 7yo boys require more from me than my 10 & 12yo daughters do! And husbands have vastly different day to day needs from their wives, than teachers do from their parent-helpers!

    I hope that by the time we are ALL back home again this week that I will have re-settled completely into what normal looks like for us.

    I'm glad your 'coming home' seems to have been smoother than mine!

  4. Here's a remarkable coincidence - having been a dedicated reader of Anna's PleasantViewSchoolhouse blog for over a year now, I came to Jenny Wren via Anna's blog comments - and found a photo of my daughter's sewing box! Maddy had a wonderful time at your workshop, and is now trying to work up the generosity of spirit required to part with her beautiful doll as it is intended as a birthday present for her little sister. Lovely to find your blog, and will visit often.

  5. Hi Jules, you are most welcome. you were all great students. Anabelle is a lovely name. you will have to show me when you get her finished.I am feeling a little better today thanks.

  6. Hi Shelley, Anna writes very well doesn't she.

  7. Hi Tracy, I was only out of the house for two days , so not long enough to get into a new routine but long enough to fall behind with all kinds of jobs.

  8. Hi Jo, What an amazing coincidence. Doesn't that make the world seem very small, you go off to visit someone in the US and end up so close to home.We are probably walking distance apart. Maddy did a great job with her doll and the clothes that Lily is making are wonderful too. I wouldn't blame Maddy at all if she decided to make a second doll and keep the first little one for herself.


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