A Day in My Life

14 May 2008


What a dreary old day it has been .
Overcast and gloomy, both me and the weather.
At least that's how we both started the day.
One of us finished much brighter and I'm glad to say it was me.


I was up around six this morning.
Briefly on the computer to check the blog and emails and then off to wake Andy.
He had to get up early to finish some homework. He has been competing in the Launceston Competitions ( Eisteddfod )this week and was out until around 10pm last night.
He had no time to finish his work apart from this morning.

Once he was organised I went out to the kitchen to light the fire and take some bread rolls out of the freezer to defrost for the school lunches.
I took the scraps down to Charlie the duck.
He was quacking loudly and has been every morning at about 6.30.
I don't know why but I'm sure someone will complain soon.
Food doesn't seem to make him quiet but I don't know what else to do.

7am and time to wake Kate and Stephen and then start mixing up some pikelets at the same time washing up the dishes from last night that were neatly stacked waiting for attention.

Lunches made and Stephen and Kate are ready for breakfast, pikelets with Golden Syrup and some mandarins.

When they were almost finished Andy appeared having finished his work and just needing it to be proof read.
It was decided that he would take a later bus to school so the two of us sat down to breakfast together as Kate and Stephen headed off .

I tidied the kitchen then proofread Andy's work, it was about Global warming.
In the mean time he had a shower and was getting ready to go.
Just after Andy left Louis got up.
He sat and read while I fixed up the blog , adding the other Day in My Lifers.

Then back out to the kitchen, I finished washing the breakfast dishes while he cooked himself some pikelets and we had a good long talk about his plans for next year.
He has been having a tough time lately, unable to find work and still unsure about next year. He seems to be coming through it OK though and seems very positive now.

Me, on the other hand, I've been feeling glum for the past few days and today was the worst. Not helped by the gloomy weather I'm sure.
I decided it might be best to go for a walk and as I needed to go to the butcher I combined the two.

In the end I was gone for over an hour and returned feeling happier but still not quite right. We had sandwiches for lunch and then Louis started work on a model boat he was given a couple of years ago.


He had to sit in the middle of all the damp washing.
Most of the laundry I did yesterday is still hanging limply on the line so anything that was approaching dry was brought in mid afternoon and eventually hung on the clothes rack to dry.


Around 2pm I started making some cinnamon scrolls.
The children, especially Andy have been asking for these for weeks.
This is the first afternoon in ages when all three have been here for afternoon tea.

I must say the longer I worked in the kitchen the more my mood lifted and by the time the children came home I was almost back to normal.


The cinnamon scrolls were a great success.
The recipe is from Patty's blog.

After the scrolly late afternoon tea, I went down to put the chickens in and pop the rooster in his box.

Andy had the fire alight in the lounge room and closed the curtains ready for the evening.

Dinner was Beef Stroganoff.
I got a good price on some scotch fillet so I used that and it was yummy. We had some Halva for dessert.

Stephen rang his mum for a late Mother's day hello and his sister told the story of my dolls in the shop in Armidale.
She said that someone who reads my blog popped into the shop to see if the dolls had arrived yet and said that they read my blog every day.
Isn't the world a small place.

Now everyone is relaxing after tea.
Louis is playing the piano, Kate is begging me to cut her hair!!!! Andy is checking out the TV and Stephen has gone to cards.

I'm feeling much happier tonight, largely due to Louis' good company.
I'll tidy the kitchen and then do some knitting and hopefully read some of my book.
I'll come back later in the evening to read about some of the other days of my fellow bloggers.

I hope you all enjoyed writing about your day and reading mine.
I must admit that this morning I felt so blah that I had no desire to remember anything about this day.
Attempting to maintain my normal rhythm and forcing myself to think about my day probably was my salvation and turned my day around from a miserable time to be endured to a reasonably happy and productive day.

Check out the list of links in my previous post to read about the days of my fellow bloggers. Some who live outside of Australia and New Zealand are of course only just starting their day and won't have posted yet.
If you are considering joining in you are still most welcome.
It really is fascinating to read about the ordinariness of daily lives all over the world.
There is often so much similarity in the rhythms and routines of our days, certainly more that unites us than separates us.

You can also have a look at pocket cultures blog which collects blogs of interest from all over the world and showcases them. It's fascinating.

32 Responses to “A Day in My Life”

  1. So glad to hear that your day turned your mood around Jenny. Although I do think that we need to have blah times to make us appreciate the good feelings.

    I must say the damp washing around the house drives me crazy from time to time, but oh well that's life!

    I'm off to check out the scroll recipe, haven't had scrolls in such a long time.
    cheers Lenny

  2. Hello Jenny
    Thanks for letting us see how you spent the day.
    I'll toss you to see who has had the most BLAH one lol
    Take care

  3. Hi Jenny,

    Maybe Charlie is feeling lonely, have you considered getting a couple more ducks? One of our neighbor has three and they are a hoot to watch when the chase the big turkey around the yard.


  4. Jenny,
    I am so glad that your day turned around. Sometimes just pushing through my blah days helps me also.
    Enjoy that cozy home of yours. Blessings, Tami

  5. Hi Jen,thanks for sharing your day. I posted a day in my life if you would like to add my link.


  6. Jenny, I just posted about my day - you can hop over and read, if you aren't afraid of some rambling. :)

  7. My goodness you just gave me a hankering for cinnamon rolls:-) I can almost smell them..LOL! IF those don't cheer a gal up I don't know what will;-)

  8. Hello Jenny, I hope you wake up with a smile today. Your day sounded really nice with just the right mix of alone time and family time.

    I have to tell you I love that your dolls are being sold in shops. I checked out that Armidale shop and her description of your dolls, and the work you put into them, made me smile. You are doing good with those dolls, I'm sure they're instilling the love of handmade beauty in those children who have one. Keep on making them, Jenny, you're making more than dolls.

  9. Hi Jenny,

    Glad you day improved as it went along. We all have those days but from your blog it doesn't sounds like you have too many of them. Hope today's a better one for you.


  10. I'm always looking forward to read about your day and love to read about all the days from people who join in.
    b the way, I'm late but I'm in too.

    Greetings from Europe.

  11. Hi Jenny :) So glad that the sunshine found your heart today! I enjoyed reading about what you have been up to - as always it makes me want to visit with you over a cup of tea :)

    It's the afternoon of the 14th here, so I'll be posting our day tonight. This is a delightful project! Love, Q

  12. "She said that someone who reads my blog popped into the shop to see if the dolls had arrived yet and said that they read my blog every day.
    Isn't the world a small place."

    That was ME! I was dropping my daughter back at university after the holidays and made a special effort to go in to see ( and cuddle) the dolls. One had already been sold and strangely enough the people that had bought that doll were from my home town....a 4 hour drive from Armidale. Yes, the world is a small place indeed.

  13. Hi Lenny, I think a line full of dry washing would have helped my mood but sometimes you just feel a bit dreary anyway. It doesn't happen often though thank goodness.

  14. Hi Cathy, some days are just like that aren't they.

  15. Hi Maria, I'm sure he is lonely because the hens won't wake up when he wants them to. He is all ready for the day and they won't hop off the perch until they see some sun.

  16. Hi Tami, yes I couldn't be bothered wallowing.

  17. Hi Shelley, glad you are having another go. I've added you to the list.

  18. Hi Anna, I'll come over for a read.

  19. Hi Suzanne, they were delicious. Never underestimate the power of good food.

  20. Hi Rhonda, thank you for your sweet words.

  21. Hi Libby, thanks. Yes I am normally a happy person.

  22. Hi Vera, glad you are writing again.I'll be over to read it.

  23. So it was you Annette. You must tell me what the shop is like as I've never been there. Isn't that amazing, that someone from your home town bought one of my dolls.
    Does your daughter enjoy Armidale? It's such a pretty place especially in the Autumn.

  24. I'm glad to hear that your day turned into a good day. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    I've posted about my day too. I didn't notify you earlier to have my name added to the list of participants though.

    God bless,

  25. Hi Jenny,
    Nice to read about the ladies' days, thank you for organising. How's your reading going? I remember reading "A Country Child" when I was about 12 and we lived in Burnie. Inspired by your mention I checked out the library. I found a couple of books by the author, but not that one. They were a nice read though.

  26. Hi Jenny! This has been such a fun project! I'm so glad you got us started. :) I just posted about my day too.

  27. glad the cinnamon rolls turned out well for you : )

  28. A lovely description of your day and your family life.
    My eldest also read the post, interested as always in the news of your boys. Its a worry for young people deciding what do with their lives, we are going through something similar here, unsure about university or work (and if there is suitable work available) but I'm sure it will all work out in the end.

  29. Hi Jenny
    I couldn't get myself going today either! But I enjoyed reading your words and I enjoyed writing my own. This is a nice idea of yours!

  30. Dear Jenny,
    Thanks so much for your kind words.
    The day in my life stories are lovely.

  31. Hi Jenny:

    I'm really glad to see your dolls are being sold retail. I'm sure you will do well with them, and what lucky children their owners are!

    My best,

    Anna Marie

  32. I always enjoy peeking into your day, and your lovely photos. :-)
    Please add me to the list of participants. I plan to post my entry tonight and will be back with the link for you. Thanks!




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