A Day in My Life - join us

14 May 2008

Here is the list of the people participating in this month's "A Day in My Life".

I'll update the list through the day so if you want to join in you are most welcome.
Just leave a comment on this post or yesterday's post and I'll add you to the list.

Oh and I've been having a little problem with comments disappearing so if you don't see your name or comment here just try again. I'll put up any new names again at about 4pm my time.

Willow posted

Elle posted

Mrs Anna T posted

Leanne NZ posted

Chas posted

Libby posted

Kez posted

Jan posted

Rose Red posted

Jan M posted

Quinne posted

Maggie posted

Ann posted

Cathy posted


Tracy posted

Tia posted

Natalie posted

Sandra posted

Maria posted

Niki posted

Cindi posted

Shelley posted

Vera posted

Tammy posted

Suzie posted

Gillybean posted

Cindi posted


Willowcaroline posted

Kym posted

Amy posted

Charity Grace posted

Angelika posted

Bobby posted

Alesha posted


21 Responses to “A Day in My Life - join us”

  1. Jenny, it was a treat last month to read all the posts from women around the world. Count me in again this month!

  2. Jenny,

    count me in! it's still the 13th here so it'll be up late tomorrow.


  3. Hi Jenny,
    I'll keep a record and post tomorrow.
    Regards, Ann.

  4. Hello Jenny
    I wrote a comment a while ago which I don't think registered.

    I'm in again for ADIML - may be tomorrow 15th before I actully post tho'

    Take care

  5. I'm in again but it will be up later tomorrow.

  6. I will post again this month.

  7. I'd be happy to join you - of course we're a little later here and the 14th has only just begun, but I'll definitely put it up either tonight or early tomorrow morning (depending whether I log the daylight or the whole 24 hours!).


  8. Jenny, I may post tonight. Will that be too late to join in?

  9. I'm a new blogger, but I'd like to participate in this. Sounds like fun! I enjoy reading your blog.

  10. I am a little late, but I am going to play again too. :)

    ~Maria in NC

  11. I had posted a comment earlier, but something went crazy with my computer. I would like to participate.

  12. Hi, I've joined in, though it's the 15th here already. Gill

  13. Hi Jenny, I'm late posting, but I thought I'd join in too!

    Love your post...

  14. I think I am a little late, but would like to participate! Thanks!

  15. I have to apologize. There have been some circumstances the last two days that have prevented me from posting my day in my life post. I promise that I will not let you down next month. SORRY.

  16. I posted a day in my life two days later, because I wasn`t at home this day. It wasn`t a normal day and for the first time it`s written in german.

    Please add my link for next month

  17. I'm new to your site. Please count me in, this is a wonderful idea. thank you


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