25 May 2008

"At the end of the ledge on which they stood was an enormous dark-coloured pincushion, the Mother of Pincushions, heavy as if it were filled with lead, and very old.No one moved it; it squatted like an aged fat porcupine, bristling with giant needles and pins. Even the pins were unique, for many of them had once been darning-needles. When a needles eye was broken, my mother put a little knob of sealing-wax on the end and made a scarlet-headed pin. Many a time I watched her do this, and those new pins lived charmed lives, for they never got lost. We took the greatest care of our pins, so they were well-known, and I could have recognized some of the older inhabitants of the pincushion in a haystack of common little pins."

from Country Voices by Alison Uttley

Imagine recycling needles, imagine taking great care of pins and coming to know them well.

I'm really getting into my reading list now after numerous distractions and a tendency to doze off when ever my bottom sinks into a comfy chair.

I've finished reading Excellent Women by Barbara Pym...just wonderful. So down to earth, so unpretentious. So lovable, our Mildred Lathbury. and thanks for the tip, Natalie.

Now I'm devouring Country Voices, it's a delight.

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  1. Oh, I knew you'd love Mildred! I've just this minute joined the Barbara Pym Society. Anyway, I've got another recommendation for you, but I'll blog about it after the bank holiday. Enjoy your reading!


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