Left overs

22 Apr 2008


Warm, crusty bread rolls filling the house with too much yumminess. Soup that has been bubbling away all day turning the last bit of the lamb roast into delicious goodness.

Sue left a comment some time ago that she manages to get three meals for her family of seven from a lamb roast. That's normally what we do too, although we are only a family of five.

Apart from the initial roast lamb with all the trimmings, we usually follow that up with lamb fritters - little chunks of lamb mixed into a savoury batter then pikelet sized blobs shallow fried till they are golden and set. Kate and Andy love lamb sandwiches in their school lunches and toasted lamb sandwiches are yummy for those at home. Whatever is left at the end of the week is turned into a slow cooked "Leftover Lamb Soup" from the Nourishing Traditions book. The recipe calls for brown rice but I prefer barley as I think lamb and barley are the perfect partners.

So what seems like a major financial outlay of $20 or more for a leg of lamb starts to look very frugal when it stretches to feed a family for half a week.

I'm sharing this video with you. Not my usual style of music but dear Jewels sent it to me thinking I might enjoy it. I do , I actually love it especially when combined with the images. Is this style of music called Bluegrass?

Anyway I hope you enjoy it too, love from me and Jewels.

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  1. Yes this is bluegrass, isn't it wonderful! I enjoyed the video very much, thanks for sharing.

  2. Aaah. Makin' me sniffy. Yep, that's a nice gently folksy bluegrass. Don't you love it? thanks Jenny, and thanks Jewels!

    (Oh, and I agree. Lamb goes with barley. LOL)

  3. Hi Jenny,

    I loved the Music Video even though it's not the type of music I usually listen to either.I liked the music,the modest dress on the ladies, their long hair, the sweet family sentiments and the children all playing in the beautiful rural scene.

    Thanks to you and to Jewels - who is in my prayers...

    Mary L

  4. We just had a delicious lamb--we tend to make a curry with our leftovers.

  5. That was so lovely! Thanks to you and dearest Jewels for sharing it.

    Lots of love,

  6. I loved the music and video but you know those rolls made my mouth water. Yumm!!
    Mama Bear

  7. I love the video, and yes it sort of grows on you after a while.
    I like the idea of lamb fritters they sound yummy. I bet a toasted lamb sandwich would be good too. The last lamb I had was lamb shoulder steaks grilled. Being in the pork capital of the US it's hard to find lamb in the markets, and when we do it's expensive. I could use a half dozen of those left over rolls :)

  8. That's the music we listen to! Here in NC, bluegrass and folk music are almost a way of life where I live. In fact, this weekend was the Shakori Hills music festival, and next weekend is Merlefest... both wonderful places where bluegrass music is showcased and enjoyed! My darling husband even has a banjo.

    One thing we cannot get much around here is lamb. It is very expensive, and not readily available. Which is a shame, because I do enjoy it.

    Enjoyed the video, and hope Jewels and family are doing well.

  9. You just can't beat a good lamb roast. And I haven't had done one in ages. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration.

    Might even experiment with my new toy - the crockpot. Lamb pot roast maybe?

  10. You know, we had a lamb roast with friends on Saturday and I have a meaty bone in my fridge as I type. The crock pot is still on the bench from dinner last night ... I feel Thursday night's dinner coming on!

    Thanks for posting about this Jenny. I have pulled out my Nourishing Traditions books and found the recipe.

  11. Oh, I like bluegrass! Say hi to Jewels for me. I think the Nourishing Traditions book is great. I bought it only recently and I'm really enjoying going through the recipes, and the lamb soup one really stood out!

  12. Hi Jenny!

    I loved that you tube video! Do you think you could give us an update on how Jewels is doing? I've been wondering if she got moved and settled in, etc.



  13. Nice video and beautiful music. I'm with Ann -- could we get a Jewels update? I still miss her blog and wonder how her family is doing and how they are adjusting to their new home.

    I love your blog, Jenny. Many thanks for it.


  14. Thanks, Jenny and Jewels, for the great video! Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to chime in and request a Jewels update too. :) It is a dream of mine to be able to bake (tasty) bread - I always seem to struggle with getting the temperature right for rising time. Those rolls look delicious!

  15. Dear Jenny,

    Another bluegrass fan, here!

    "Green Beans in the Garden" is a Special Feature on a DVD that we recently purchased, the subject being--what else?--families who are choosing to live off the land.

    It certainly does seem fitting that Jewels would enjoy this charming little song, doesn't it?

    Thank you for sharing Dear Jewels' updates with us here, we do all miss her so.

    Robin in Ca.

  16. Janny, last Saturday night we had a scrumptious lamb roast (from FIL's farm) as part of a dinner party for 8 adults & 9 children. Two nights later, we ate the rest of the meat trimmed down as far as we could with other leftover vegies - heated and consumed with vigour! Then the next night - I drew inspiration from this post that I must have read about that time, and made a lamb & barley soup using the bone and scraps of meat still on it. It was delicious and while I didn't have the nourishing traditions recipe, I think I did ok. In all my years of cooking lamb legs, much to my shame, I'd never realised you could use the cooked leg for soup. Never again! Lisa x

  17. I discovered Greenbeans in the Garden a couple of months back, googling info on the West Girls. I loved the filmclip and it so reminded me of Jewel's blog!

    Please let her know her motherly wisdom is sadly missed by this Mum of 2,soon to be 4.Send her God's richest blessings and that I hope all is well with her lovely family.


  18. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to hear about Jewels soon. She is missed.

  19. I'm so glad to hear that Jewels is doing well! We love "The West Girls". I was just looking online at their new CD- "Farther Along".
    Such beautiful music and even sweeter spirits from the women of this family.


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