Vintage fun

6 Apr 2008


Well it's finished and on its way so I am going to share it with you.


This is my offering for the Shopping Tote Swap.
I changed from my original plan to use one of the bags I made a few weeks ago and decided to finish off a bag that has been hanging around here, half made for about a year.


The embroidered panel on the front is taken from a cot sheet my mum gave me, cot sheets that she used for her babies, me included.
It's a little kitten, very 1950s and cute.
The pink floral fabric is vintage as well, found at an op shop years ago.
I put a couple of little treats inside as well.
My swap partner is a teenage girl who like vintage things so I hope it is OK with her.

Please note that I have updated my previous post on 1940s Wisdom.

13 Responses to “Vintage fun”

  1. Good evening Jenny,
    What a gorgeous bag! I love your use of fabrics & your little label.
    I hope you had a lovely Autumn Sunday.

  2. Hi jenny

    I know we all have different skills, but I so wish I could all LOL

    I did try once, in school, they transferred me to woodwork where I beat the pants off all the boys!

    That bag is delighful, and obviously done with joy...well done!


  3. Oh my gosh!! I WANT ONE!!!! That's so cute - your swap partner is going to LOVE it!! You are so talented! joanne x

  4. Jenny, I imagine your swap partner will be over the moon. That is a beautiful tote.

    Best wishes,

    Anna Marie

  5. The bag turned out very nicely! I love the fabrics you chose. I'm sure your swap partner will be thrilled.

  6. oh, wow...I think your swap partner will be thrilled!! Adorable. :o)

  7. Oh my goodness, I expect she will love it. That is beautiful.

  8. Oh my, what a lovely bag...I wish I was your swap partner...sigh...

    Love, Tina :)

  9. Hi Jenny :) I love it! That is a gorgeous bag - the colors you chose are wonderful. Love, Q

  10. And to think I seriously toyed with participating in that swap *sigh* look what I've missed out on! Jenny your bag is absolutely stunning. I love the delicate florals, the ricrac against the gingham and your very cute little label.

    Your swap partner is blessed indeed.

  11. It's beautiful! I'm sure that she will be thrilled!

  12. I have to say that I am sure that your partner will love it! The first thing that I though of is that if I had been your partner my daughter would have tried to swipe that from me!! I got mine yesterday though from my partner and I love it too! What a fun swap!


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