Very Comfortable

8 Apr 2008


It was a patchwork kind of day today, a little piece of this and a little piece of that added up to a worthwhile day.

A couple of surprise emails from dear friends, some much put off paper work finally dealt with, some parcels posted.

Knitting, a little washing, essential phone calls to straighten out a few things.

This evening , round tea time we popped into the hospital to visit my poor little nephew. He has been unwell with a mystery tummy complaint since my dad's birthday in late February. He spent Easter in hospital without any diagnosis and now he is back there again. Poor little fellow. He is having more tests tomorrow so hopefully they will lead to some answers.

So tea was late but I must say delicious. The centrepiece was cauliflower cheese as we call it, better known I think as cauliflower au gratin. Yummo. It was accompanied by lamb chump chops, potatoes and peas. Comfort food.

It has been a comforting kind of day.
I had to face my demons with some tax business and I not only survived but learned quite a lot.
The sun was warm though our toes got cold so comfy slippers were dug out.
A lunch of leftovers and fruit with Louis, companionable quiet as we ate.

The heartfelt comfort in a message from far away friends - the magic of email and the warm feeling inside as I posted off my parcels, long awaited gifts for a couple of friends.

Now the house is quiet, a relaxed quiet, one is in bed, one is at the movies with a friend, one is reading on the couch after a long hot bath and one is on the phone chatting with his sister.
A comfortable old day.

8 Responses to “Very Comfortable”

  1. Good evening Jenny
    Sorry to read your nephew is still unwell. I hope the tests give some answers so action can be taken to fix the little chap up.
    'Tax business', I tend to put this type of paperwork off, but when it is done I breathe a big sigh of relief that its out of the way till next time.
    I hope the rest of your week is full of 'comfortable old days'

  2. So sorry your nephew is having such a difficult time; I hope he will soon be much better.
    Loved your looks like it was a wonderful day!

  3. Thanks for describing your comfortable old day in detail :) I am always so proud of myself for taking on a demon (mine seem to be related to financial things too!) and it colors the rest of my day in a pleasing way. . .

  4. A lovely post, as usual, Jenny - thank you. Your blog is an oasis of calm in a crazy world! We need more people like you!!

  5. Has your nephew been tested for type 1 diabetes? He will need his blood glucose tested as well as his urine to see if he is passing ketones and spilling glucose in his urine. other symptoms.. thirst, hunger, weight loss. My child has this condition and sometimes this diagnosis is overlooked because ALL symptoms are not present. hope all goes well.

  6. Jenny~It has been sometime since I was here...and how I've missed your sweet, friendly posts:-)

    I will add your nephew to my prayers. May the Lord heal him and give wisdom to those caring for him.

    Lots of love,

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