20 Apr 2008


A truly beautiful autumn day today .
Such gorgeous weather, sunny, a light breeze, energizing and comforting to the soul.


Stephen started the lengthy task of preparing the front of the house to be painted, such a big job best broken down into small steps.


I busied myself with loving the garden; weeding , primping, planting , sweeping and raking.
We had a lunch of hot chips picnic style in the front garden.


Kate and I also planted some new plants near the pond and made some happy discoveries of little self seeded delights such as cosmos and poppies.
Very very tiny seedlings hidden amongst the fallen leaves.

In the early hours before everyone awoke I spent some time making my little Annie doll, I had the windows open and I could hear the prettiest little bird song. I have no idea what it was but I'm happy it decided to brave the five cats and sing at my window.


I gave all my new plants a good healthy dose of goodness, some horse manure tea.
Essential ingredients include a big bag of horse poo, an old garbage bin, some water , an old plastic ice cream container and a watering can. Soak the bag of manure in the water for a goodly long time, about a week or longer, scoop out some "juice", add it to the watering can and dilute until it looks like weak tea.
Pour all over your hungry plants.


Horse manure contains a lot of grass seeds so this way your garden gets the goodness without giving you extra weeds to get rid of.


Andy has had a sore stiff neck today after sleeping in a very strange position so he has been comforting it with a hot water bottle.
The cover for this one is made from an old jumper, one my mum knitted for Louis when he was a toddler. It was a bit ratty on the sleeves and so when I needed a new hot water bottle cover some years ago I gave the jumper a second life by sewing down the sides and across the bottom with the sewing machine .
It already had the buttons at the side of the neck so it was perfect.


It was a happily busy day spent enjoying our little 1/3 acre block.
I love the fact that we have so many different areas in the one garden and so much to keep us busy.

The weeds that were pulled gave the chooks some lovely new greens to explore when they returned to their run. Tidying and planting around the pond gave us, Kate and me , the chance to work together and make more plans for how we can make our little oasis prettier. Puttering around in the front garden gave me the chance to reflect on the twenty years we have spent in this house and how the garden has matured and taken on a life of its own.

Dinner was a good hearty stew, ossso bucco ( except it wasn't beef it was lamb - osso lambo perhaps) with mashed potatoes and gremolata.
Dessert was fresh made waffles, made with eggs from our crazy chooks , and ice cream and maple syrup.


When I went down to shut the chooks in the big full moon was up , shining down through the trees , like a big luminous full stop at the end of a near perfect day.

12 Responses to “Perfect”

  1. Wow, Jenny, those toadstools!! I love that first picture! The red color is amazing.
    How funny you took a picture of the moon, I was looking at it last night too. It's the same moon, can you imagine! Europa and Australia are so far apart, but it's still the same moon being its beautiful self.

    Christine from the NL
    PS: my doll has hair now!

  2. I was thinking the same thing. It's the same moon that illuminated my bedroom last night, and made it difficult to fall asleep. The toadstools are lovely. Until I saw them in your posts, I thought they only existed in fairy tales. Ours are only white, or greyish.

  3. Lovely post Jenny. This is so odd, Terri at "Hearts In Service" posted a pic of the full moon too, and I commented that I lay in bed last night looking out of my open window at the moon too! How funny!

    Love, Tina :)

  4. This was a lovely post Jenny - well all your posts are lovely. Long live perfect days like those you describe - & long live family , home & simplicity.

  5. I LOVE these photos! The little mushrooms or toadstools are enchanting. I've never seen the likes of them before!

  6. the water bottle cover is a great bit of recycling. might have ago at making one of those, love the photos of the toadstools.

  7. What a perfect photograph, of a perfect evening, to finish a perfect day! Who needs hustle and bustle? Not me.

  8. I love the way you think of it as "loving the garden",


  9. I love those toadstools.

    It was beautiful here yesterday too, such a gift at this time of year!

  10. I love the toadstools they are so sweet, they almost don't look real! I bought a couple of fake ones at the store the other day because I am so in love with the ones you have in your pictures. :) Thank you for such a lovely blog!

  11. The only thing about the moon is that we wouldn't be looking at it at the same time.

    I love plumbago. I was interested in the size of your garden. I hope my 1/2 acre looks like yours one day, half of it needs developing at my new house.

  12. How cute the red with white polka dots fabric in your banner resembles the toadstools! The first time I saw them in one of your photos, I also thought they were artificial. Adorable.


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