Let's eat

3 Apr 2008


A full and happy day today with both my boys at home for part of the day. A day to enjoy all that our little home gives us: warmth, food, shelter, companionship, laughter. A chance to work, to do unfavourite jobs and feel satisfaction when they are done.

Meals shared - a plate of "Gak"( a variety of unattractive leftovers mixed together and heated through and tasting surprisingly good) for lunch and then cottage pie for tea. Meals seem so much more cosy when the weather is cooler and the nights are drawing in.


In the kitchen at about six tonight cooking dinner, cooking the onion in a little oil until its glossy and translucent. Next the minced beef, bought fresh today and crumbled small handful by handful into the hot cast iron pan to brown and mix with the onion.

Call to Andy to get the fire alight. Out he goes to split some wood, far more than we need for one fire, he's enjoying using his body to swing the axe and crack the wood apart.

Peel some potatoes and put them on to boil. Louis' home now after a long run and walking around outside to cool down even though a cold wind is blowing.

Sprinkle flour over the browned meat, let it settle to the bottom of the pan to brown and absorb all those yummy flavours. Check the potatoes, boiling now so reduce the heat a little.

Andy comes out to check on my progress, then Kate appears, then Louis. Mum's cooking tea, when will be tea be ready Mum?, always the same.

Gradually add water to the pan to make the gravy, watch it thicken, add some extra flavours, some salt, some freshly ground pepper, some homemade worcestershire sauce. Stir it all in and turn off the heat. It still bubbles with the collected heat of the pan.

Potatoes ready. Turn on the oven. Find that old pyrex dish, fill it with the meat , top it with the potatoes, mashed with butter and a little milk. Grate some cheese over and then into the oven.

Call Kate to set the table, peel the carrots and chop the zuchinni , one goes in the steamer the other into some olive oil to saute.

Things are starting to smell cooked and bodies are appearing at the table. Cheese is lightly browned, carrots are bright, bright orange, zuchinni is ever so slightly golden.

Let's eat.


9 Responses to “Let's eat”

  1. Oh my! that sounds so yummy. I love such simplicity at meal times. Sounds just like our house, the kitchen, always full of life.

  2. What a beautiful description of your meal preparations!

  3. Hello Dear Jen,a lovely family time . Thanks for sharing. The main dish you prepared is what we call a "Shepherd's Pie". It's a tasty dish. Enjoy your cooler weather and warm fire.


  4. Okay, that sounds delicious. I would love to come to your house for tea! :-)

  5. Hi Jenny :) What a cozy, yummy post! Have a lovely day - Love, Q

  6. Always so calming here...lovely!

    Love, Tina :)

  7. I'm go glad I found this site! Thanks for your work.

    Would you share your recipe for homemade Worcestershire sauce?

  8. Soothing...Isn't making a home fun? Yes, I weary of the endless dishes and launfry, but still, this is the best work I could do. I wanted to request your worcestershire sauce recipe, if you do not mind sharing. We're transitioning to all things made at home. I'd love a good recipe. Sweetheart would just drink worcestershire sauce, if he could!

  9. Hey
    So well written , brought out the picture of your family around the table enjoying your lovingly made meal...
    One thing I missed is one of your great looking photos of the meal...


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