Just get them finished, girl !

16 Apr 2008


Another full and happy day with both Kate and Louis to keep me company.
Kate had another day off school, her leg is healing well but she developed a nasty looking dose of spots which looked a little like chicken pox. The Doctor thought not and decided it was an allergic reaction instead so back to school tomorrow.

I seem to be taking forever to get the latest bunch of dolls finished and I haven't even started personalising Lenny's doll yet. I keep getting new ideas for the clothing and then just have to try them out.


This is all well and good but the dolls need to be finished and posted off.
This lovely little jumper is knitted from some homespun wool that I found at an op shop at least ten years ago. I love how it turned out and there is a little navy embroidered skirt to go with it. A very wholesome outfit I think.
I'll be posting the dolls off to Armidale tomorrow.
Best to pack them up as soon as possible before I start fiddling around with their clothes again.
I'll show the final product tomorrow.


Part of the reason I'm anxious to get them finished is that I want to try out this little pattern. Isn't she just the cutest baby Raggedy Anne you have ever seen?
I discovered De's lovely shop on the weekend, she has some beautiful creations.

Oh and if you haven't checked out everyones' day , have a look, just scroll down through the post for a list of everyone's blogs. I have also received a few emails from people detailing their day on the 14th April. They are all very entertaining and I appreciate the efforts of those who took part as it does take quite a lot of time and thought to get it all down "on paper". I hope I haven't missed anyone from the list. Please let me know if I have.

7 Responses to “Just get them finished, girl !”

  1. Hello Dear Jen,I love the little Annie pattern. Raggedy Ann has always been one of my favorites,but
    I do so love your dollies. They are so sweet and simple..


  2. Very cute dolls. I wish I had the artistic ability to be able to make something like that.

  3. I love the tiny sweater (jumper)! It's gorgeous!

  4. Hi, this is the first time I'v read your blog. But you little dolls are fabulous and so cut. i collect dolls and poppets and would love to learn how to make the.

  5. Hi Jenny,

    I forgot to comment earlier, but I did the 14th. Thanks for the inspiration.


  6. I love the knobbly texture of the yarn on the doll's jumper! I took a look at the "bowls n annies" site the other day and it is a very sweet little shop!

  7. Hi! I am so excited about you making one of my cuties. I can't wait to see her. Your dolls that you just posted are wonderful!


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