A Day in My Life - April

14 Apr 2008

No real plans today other than to work on my dolls, do some washing, make a couple of phone calls and bake something for school lunches and afternoon teas.

I woke very early to the sound of little catty feet running in and out of the bedroom so I got up around 5.45am to let the cats out and then quickly writs out the post that should have been done last night but I had fallen asleep before the computer became available.

Next out to the kitchen, tidy the dishes that escaped the washing up last night - ice cream bowls, mugs and glasses. Turn the oven on ready to make some muffins then let the cats in for their breakfast. Open all the curtains then wake the children and get started on the muffins. They are supposed to be banana choc chip muffins but I substitute peanut butter for the banana that we don't have. In to the oven they go and then start on making the lunches - roast lamb rolls using leftovers from last night.

Down to feed the chooks and duck and let them out into their yard.

Kate truly did not want to go to school this morning. She was still very tired from the party on Saturday. She had a sleepover on the Friday night as part of the party. I really don't like sleepovers, we always pay a price the following week. We have a rule - no sleepovers in term time- but this was the party of a very special friend so it was allowed.
Never again.
After much drama she was dressed and ready for breakfast.


The peanut butter choc chip muffins got two thumbs up and two thumbs down but I thought they were OK in a pinch. Every one was finally fed and ready and off they went while I settled down to coffee and a muffin and a browse around the web and added a few names to the Day in My Life list.

Come 9am I was off to the kitchen again, put the dishes in the sink to soak and headed off for a shower, tidied the bathroom then made the bed and tidied my room . Off around the rest of the house to collect the dirty clothes and towels and then out to the wash house to put a load of washing on. Back inside to do the dishes and tidy the kitchen. I left the floor for Louis to do when he does the vacuuming later.

General tidy and pick up through the house , fluff up the cushions and open the windows to let the glorious day in.

At about 10.30 Louis set up the little table in the front garden for morning tea. Just a perfect, gorgeous Autumn day.


After a cuppa I went back inside to work on some dolls. I'm just doing the finishing touches to part of an order that needs to go out over the next few days. I'm having lots of fun experimenting with rich autumn colours.


This little one is sunbaking while I finish her clothes.

About 1.00ish we had lunch, just a sandwich and an apple and then I made my phone calls and continued with my knitting and sewing.
Mum rang at about 2.00 to say she was on her way round with a few plants for me.
Just after she and dad arrived I got a phone call from school to say that Kate had fallen and cut her knee and she might need stitches.
We brought her home and I called my sister who is a nurse .
She came round, examined the poor sore knee popped a new dressing on and we decided stitches weren't needed thank goodness.


Kate was also feeling generally unwell and very tired.
Maybe I should have let her stay home this morning.


Mum had brought some afternoon tea with her as well as plants so we all tucked in.


After the visitors had gone I hung out the washing even though it didn't have a hope of getting dry today, too late but it was only household kind of stuff like towels and rugs and so on.


It was beautifully sunny but without a breeze the washing was drying very slowly.


By this time Andy was home from school and sucking up food like a vacuum cleaner.
That boy can really eat. We also had a major search for his missing pencil case and calculator - no luck, they must be at school somewhere.


Time to start thinking about dinner, I made a boiled fruit cake at the same time
Then a made a savoury batter ready to make lamb fritters with some of the leftovers from yesterdays roast lamb. I decided on simple boiled potatoes and steamed carrots and French beans to go with the fritters.


I also made up a sugar syrup to sweeten the last of the grape juice which has proved very popular.

Before dinner I shut the chooks in and just as it was getting dark popped the rooster into his box for the night. Kate was feeling fairly miserable by dinner time but ate well before retiring to the couch. Stephen arrived home just before dinner with a big bag of spuds and a box full of greengroceries so with my big shop last week we are well stocked at the moment.

After dinner Stephen amused himself with the crossword, Andy had homework, Kate was resting, Louis was playing the piano and I started writing this.
I've been up and down since then helping Kate off to bed with a cool cloth for her irritated eyes and tucking her in, helping Stephen find his book once he finished his crossword, found a replacement calculator for Andy and helped Louis choose a DVD to watch.

I think that is all I have to say now. I'd like to do some knitting but I'm tired. I might join Louis in his DVD "Psycho" and relax with a hot chocolate.
Good night.

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23 Responses to “A Day in My Life - April”

  1. I do so enjoy reading about your day Jenny, I think this was a great idea and thank you for sharing.

    I'm wondering what is in the tall stripey urn thing behind the grape juice, the one with the milk jug cover on it? Sorry I know I'm nosey.

    cheers Lenny

  2. Hi Lenny, it's just a large jug that I had stored the juice in until we were ready to use it. The jug is too big too handle easily when it's full so once I sweetened the juice I put it into the bottles.

  3. That's a full day! I love the towels on the line, soon the weather will be mild enough to use our line again.

  4. Lovely post Jenny, your days sound a lot like mine! By-the-way, how do you relax with hot chocolate while watching 'Psycho'?? I'd have spilled mine all over my lap!!

    Love, Tina :)

  5. I loved reading about your day and seeing the canister again! I am fasinated that you are having autumn while we are having spring.

  6. I'm with you on sleepovers! Talk about tired and irritable the next day...and that's just me! I hope Kate feels better soon.



  7. So great to share your day - sounds like a lovely one. Love the photos of your washing. I miss having a nice big clothline but mine is in the now-chook area so very dusty and lumpy from all the wholes they dig so I've given up using up. One thing I really love about doing the "day in my life" is taking photo I would never otherwise take. And I was saying to my dh last night how I wish I had a record of my days back when my kids were babies.


  8. We are able to hang laundry in PA . We are to have a beautiful week...with it gradually getting wamer. So enjoy reading your blog. (I have Jewels to thank for that.)

    I haven't heard from her "in a coon's age" as we say in our neck of the woods! Wonder how she has been! Keep up the good work, Jenny! You are a blessing to us all.

    Ruth, PA

  9. Hi Jenny...
    I will be posting a day in my life tomorrow... I forgot about it *blush*! :) Just wanted to let you know how I enjoy this!


  10. My Day in My Life post is up... just so ya know :)

  11. Hi Jenny! I enjoyed reading about your day so much that I decided to also write about mine. It's at
    http://www.brasstacksandbasics.com if you want to add me to your list -- if I'm too late, that's okay! It's been fun writing, and the day is not over yet....

    Thanks for your blog, as always.

  12. I loved reading about your day. So sorry about dear little Kate's knee! Hope she gets well soon. I would like to participate in this, and I journaled my day. Please add my link if you would!

    (Simple Folk)


  13. So FUN to read about your day! Thanks for sharing all the details, however ordinary and small they seem.

  14. I really enjoyed reading about your day! I almost forgot, but I'm joining you again this month. :)

  15. I managed to get my day down.. not very exciting reading I am afraid. But I enjoyed reading about your day, and dreaming about summer break when my day can be more domestically satisfying.

    Hope your daughter feels better tomorrow. Mine all had a late night, so I am worried about their day tomorrow. Just too much going on this spring!

  16. Hi. I put in an entry too.


  17. I love the peaceful quality to your photos. Hope Kate has a much better day tomorrow!

  18. Thanks for sharing your day. I read your blog everyday and really enjoy it. Jan

  19. A finally my computer dial up as let me leave a comment.

    I'm a bit late but did a recount of my day.

    Love Leanne NZ

    PS I don't like sleep overs either!

  20. I am really enjoying this series, Jenny. I think it highlights just how special our "ordinary" days are. Funny, as I read I recalled Nella Last's writing - you certainly have a gift!

  21. Your day sounds absolutely perfect...apart from poor Kate. I have a 'Kate' in my home...not dealing with lack of sleep terribly well. I hope her knees heals nice & quickly without any problems.

  22. What a beautiful rewarding day, I hope your lovely Kate is feeling much better. It sounds like you have a lovely family.

  23. Hi Jenny,
    Food certainly is a big part of life at home.
    Your day looked beautiful.


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