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14 Apr 2008

This post was meant to go up last night but Andy had total computer domination as the sparks flew from the keyboard and some horrendous assignment was completed.

So, a little late, here is a reminder that today is the 14th of the month (I think) and so I am going to write a day in my life and if you want to join in again you are most welcome. It was quite hard work last time but very interesting and so many people joined in, formally and informally, it was at least a month of days.

If you want to do this and want others to read your blog leave a comment on this post and I will add your name to the list. The purpose is not to show how busy, lazy, exciting or organised your life is though it may be all of those things. The purpose is just to document a day and over a period of time document a series of days to look back on.

I'll post my day this evening.

Sorry this reminder is a bit late but join in if you can . Feel free to choose a different date although it is fun to read everyone else's "day in my life" on the same day. I chose the 14th because that is my birthdate and easy for me to remember.

Now on a different note:


Finally the toadstools are back. I'm glad to see them, they always make the front garden feel like a special fairy garden.


And. the love affair continues...


OK so now it's Maggies bag. I just wish she would let me have my knitting back.


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22 Responses to “daily reminders”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for the reminder. I'll definitely be joining in again. Will be different from last time cause the kids are home on school holidays.


  2. Jan, here...
    Tomorrow is the 14th here in the states and I have already marked it on my calendar. Can't wait to read about everybody's day.

  3. I'd love to join again, Jenny. Seems I need some inspiration to start posting again. And Monday is my favorite weekday- that's my "home" day. Can't wait to read yours and everyone else's.

  4. I remembered at 6:20am - I'll be joining in this time!

  5. Hello Jenny
    I'm in again - will keep an eye on my day as it goes by.

    Won't be the same as last month tho. Different day of the week different commitments

    Take care

  6. Too cute...I guess you'll need to join another bag swap!!! And those toadstools are magical! I don't think we have them like that around here...

  7. I am planning to post again, probably Tues. eve, or Wed morn Canadian time! :)

  8. Hi Jenny :) What fun! I'll be joining in again this month, too. Love, Q

  9. I'm in again - thanks for the reminder - after meaning to diarise it so I wouldn't forget, I forgot to diarise!

  10. I enjoyed reading all the days from last month, so this month I will join in. I am on vacation from my work this week, so it will be a different type of day for me.

  11. Hi,
    Haven't forgotten. Lovely toadstool. Lovely autumn. Lovely weather.

  12. Hi,
    I´ll be joining in this time. Had a lot of fun, reading all the posts last month.

  13. This was fun last month. I am going to post again this month. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. I will be sure to read..I love the toad stools

  15. Hi Jenny, This is a good idea and although I missed last time I think I will try and join in this month though it might be posted a little late as in the school holidays there is constant competition for the computer, sometimes for school work but more often not!

  16. It's only a bit after 8 am here on the 14th and already I have a doozy of a tale! Count me in! It'll be up late [local Canada time] this evening.

  17. Hi Jenny,

    Today is the 14th in California, so I'm a bit behind you - however, I did write a few words. Nothing fancy, but it was a great reminder to pay attention to the day.

    I enjoyed reading your entry!


  18. What a great idea. I just posted mine.


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