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17 Apr 2008


I have to acknowledge a couple of lovely bloggers who have passed on awards to me. Firstly, Tina from the charmingly named Red Wellies, Rainbows and Cinnamon Whirls passed on the "You Cheer Me Up" Award, some time ago now.

There is supposed to be a link back to the person who started the award but I can't find it. The aim of the award simply enough is to pass it on to someone who cheers me up.
I haven't been particularly in need of cheering up lately but a blog I always enjoy is Bread and Roses. Dulce Domum is always interesting and often funny and now that she is on the mend I'm hoping to read her entertaining posts more often.

Next, a more recent award from the lovely Shelley of Shelley's Vintage Variety.

The rules for the “You Make My Day” award are to present it to those whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.

I'll pass this one on to Willowcaroline of the The Flock at Willowcroft. This is a thoughtful restful blog of a fellow lover of the simple life who combines being a wife and mother of three boys with full time work as a teacher and grows a productive garden and finds time to knit some wonderful things as well.

Now the next item on the blogging agenda is a meme that looks almost beyond me. By crikes, there are just too many steps to this one. Seven things about me, seven favourite blogs and then tag seven people, Alison what are you doing to me.

The rules:

1. Post the name and URL of the person who tagged you

2. Post the rules

3. Write seven things about yourself

4. Put the links in to your 7 favourite blogs

5. Name 7 people you are going to tag

6. Post a comment on their blog to say they've been tagged

I think what I'll do, because that is just too overwhelming for me at this time of night with my slightly addled brain, is just try to think of seven vaguely interesting facts about myself and the first 7 people with blogs to comment can consider them tagged (if they want to do it that is).

Seven thrilling facts about Little Jenny Wren:

~ I love collecting shells on the beach especially in the winter time

~ I love the sweaty hot smell of young children who have been terribly busy discovering wonders in the garden.

~ I love the feel and warmth of the newly laid eggs I collect from my hens each day.

~ I am amazed at the leaves of spring bulbs popping up when winter hasn't even begun.

~ I love the brilliant red of the virginia creeper I pass on the way to the shops.

~ I love the colour combination of red, white and blue, especially, light blue/aqua with cherry red and crisp or creamy white.

~ I love the warmth and friendliness of all the crafty, intelligent,creative blogger women who share so much so freely.

*****dolly pictures tomorrow*****

3 Responses to “Bloggy Business”

  1. I had to giggle when you said you loved the smell of children who have been outside terribly busy discovering the wonders in the world. My children would love you . I always tell them. "OOH you smell like a dog!"

  2. Hi Jenny!

    Thank you so much for my award! I *knew* something was going on when my stat counter went way up into the tens!LOL!

    I too love that red-cheeked child in the garden smell/look...and the wild-eyed look children get when they experience good times without adults!

  3. I just did a bloggy business post too! How funny!


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