Andy's cat

30 Apr 2008


Each of the children has been allowed to have a pet of their own when they turned seven. Louis has Poppy the dog, Kate had Millie the mouse who was callously eaten by Tom the cat and so was replaced by Maggie the cat .
Andy chose a sweet little black kitten who was named Phoebe.


For most of her kittenhood, when she wasn't climbing trees or chasing everything that moved she was tucked into the front pocket of Andy's favourite hoodie. Here she slept and purred and luxuriated in the cosiness and safety of her boy's love.

About three or four Christmases ago Phoebe went missing. She wasn't seen for a day and a night. Phoebe loves food, she never, ever misses a meal. Grave fears were held for her. Andy wandered the garden and neighbourhood calling and calling, peering into tiny dark places, looking high in the trees.
Tears were shed; small, hot salty tears of a preteen boy who thought he had lost his best friend.
Every night since she had come into this house Phoebe had slept in Andy's bed with him. During the days she would sleep on his bed.
She owned him and he owned her.

She did come home, limping, injured, exhausted, with a quiet pitiful miaow.
Her back legs were sore, she had skin off her shoulders.
Our friend the vet said she was OK, she just needed time and love.
That was easy.
She slowly recovered.
Now she can't jump as well as she could.
She has put on weight because she can't be as active.
When her fur grew back, the new fur patches were white.

Now she is a black splodged cat.
She spends her days sleeping, often on Andy's bed.
She walks like an old lady.
She eats like a horse.
She is the Phoebester.


9 Responses to “Andy's cat”

  1. Each of our children were allowed to have a pet. This resulted in having five dogs at one point! We also had several birds and an iguana. I am so glad your sweet story of Phoebe had a happy ending! Pets add so much to our lives.

  2. I love Phoebes story. I'm glad she came home safe if not altogether sound. I have cats, and dogs and it's just me who lives at my house. But my world would be a sadder place with out them. Your afgan covered bed in the previous post reminds me of the cat baskests scattered around my house :)

  3. A sweet story.

    I know the love and the heartache as well. Our big old male has been through some amazing stuff and he's missing his tale and an eye to show for it! But he keeps on giving the love even if there is less of him these days.

  4. My boy also had a "soul-mate" cat. Pippin was obsessed with my son ~ cleaning him every night, meowing at the door if he went out, playing tag or chase or hide and seek, so smart and dedicated to him. He was a lilac siamese and was seemingly "human" in many ways. One day, at the age of four, Pippin was having trouble breathing. We took him in to the vet immediately. Later that day we had to put him down because he had advanced heart disease and was dying ~ OH the GRIEF in this household. My son changed that day. It was a year ago, and he still cries when he reminisces about his dear Pippin.
    I'm so glad Phoebe came home! Pets are incredibly important to our kids, and to us for that matter.

  5. I Love the quilt with the black cats. Did you make it ? I'm sure that your son loves it too since it is such a reminder of his precious pet.


    Mary L

  6. Wonder if she was in a fight?

    This is a beautiful wall hanging. Is it from a kit? Do you have a pattern? I'd love to have a copy.
    Mama Bear

  7. I did make the little quilt. It was based on something I saw in a craft magazine years ago and I changed it to suit my fabric and our cat.

  8. dear little jenny wren,
    phoebe is nice and cute and i like
    her.lucky andy.


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