31 Mar 2008


For the first time in several years we went to the Franklin House National Trust Heritage fair as customers only not stall holders.

With Stephen's dad here and a movable programme of things to do it was too hard to organise anything. I wasn't really sure we would be going at all but Sunday arrived , sunny but with a devillish cold wind and the men folk headed off on a long bushwalk while Kate and I went to the fair.


Our original plans for a bushwalk on Saturday were canned because of rain and I was quite happy when a more difficult walk was chosen for Sunday, too difficult for Kate so we were free to enjoy the fun of the fair.


For the first time in years I was able to have a good look around without having to rush back to my stall. I bought some beautiful home grown vegetables ( Miss Eggplant from yesterday's post plus potatoes and tomatoes) , some tomato relish - as yet untasted, some delicious choc chip biscuits with the interesting addition of dried blueberries, some vintage knitting patterns, three gorgeous cereal bowls - pink with pink flowers( girls only I think) , a book for my father-in-law and an aqua gingham embroidered apron.



Kate had fun discovering a few friends and enjoying a little bargain hunting. My mum was there working on the garden stall so we all had morning tea together - a "Devonshire Tea" in the tea room inside the house.


We met up with some friends and we all came home together, back to our warm house for a quiet afternoon before the troops returned.


I must admit I had a delicious nanna nap on the loungeroom couch in the sunshine. I was trying to knit and look through my new knitting books from the fair. The sunshine was so snoozy and before too long I was making myself comfortable for a little sleep.


I made a whole lot of stuffed vegies for tea last night; the eggplant, some of the larger tomatoes, some zuchinni. I didn't have enough mince ( ground beef) for a meal and so making the stuffed vegetables meant I could stretch the meat to easily feed the family by using it as part of the stuffing. I used a couple of recipes from Tessa Kiros' "Falling Cloudberries" and we ended up with enough leftovers for a second meal tonight. In fact I think it was more yummy after being reheated for tonight.


Today was a day of catching up with the washing and making some dolls and out of no where I also re organised the pantry - it's so much better now and I can see my lovely canisters each time I walk in the kitchen door rather than having a private meeting when I go into the pantry.

The sheets dried in a flash with a brisk breeze and a bright low sun, I put them straight back on the bed to make the most of their intoxicating freshness.

With Easter over, our visitor gone and no more family birthdays until late May we can settle into a happy Autumn rhythm as the days shorten and and the colours become golden and warm.
My favourite time of the year.

9 Responses to “Yesterday”

  1. Good evening Jenny,
    The Fair sounds like it was a lovely way to spend an autumn day.
    And sometimes it is nice to have time out from the 'Men' in the family, so you have time to look out the lovely goodies without being rushed along. I enjoyed the photos of your day.

  2. Hi Dear Jen, thanks so much for sharing this post. I love the pictures of the fair. Sounds like it was a great time for all.

    God bless,Shelley

  3. I wish I knew the fair was on. I remember reading a post of yours last year about the fair and wishing then I had have gone. Remind me next year Jen


  4. Jenny,
    Sounds like you had a lovely day. My daughter and I love "girl time". Have a blessed day. Love, Tami

  5. I swear I think my mother has that same apron! I think hers is more faded - or more aqua perhaps. But I know I have seen that in the family at some point. The fair certainly sounded fun!

  6. Hi Jenny, Hope you don't mind being tagged.

  7. The fair sounded like so much fun. And I would love to be counted in the drawing for one of your beautiful dolls.

  8. Looks like you had a lovely time. It's nice to have a good mooch about in a National Trust home!


  9. Little Jenny, thank you for inviting us to win your doll. I enjoyed being part of the process and would have loved to see the face of the lady who won it. I know she was home when she did but I bet she giggled with delight. It is wonderful to have you here to stop by and visit. You inspire me to feel content at home. I know the Lord blesses us through your ministry here. Your time is valuable and the fact that you set aside some of it for the rest of us is lovely. My sons 14th birthday is tomorrow and we are all busy preparing the cake, favorite dinner and a quiet family day complete with a trip to the store for a birthday present-bought together. Oh, how the days do go by.................
    Humbly, Cynthia


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